Dino Gems
The Dino Gems are part of a meteor that bonded with Dinosaur DNA. They are used to power the Morphers and give each Ranger a special superpower.
Dino Morphers
With the call of "Dino Thunder, Power Up!", and the flip of a dino plate, the Dino Morphers allow three ordinary teens to transform into Rangers. The Dino Morphers are powered by the Dino Gems and can summon the Dinozords.
Thundermax Saber
This common Ranger weapon resides at the side inside its holster in laser mode. The Thundermax Saber is highly versitile and can be used for both short and long range attacks.
Laser Mode
The Thundermax Sabers are stored in laser mode inside the holsters. It can be used to fire upon an opponent.

Power Weapons
The Rangers can each summon a weapon - the Tyranno Staff, Tricera Shield, and Ptera Grips.
Z-Rex Blaster
Their three weapons can combine to form the Z-Rex Blaster. The Z-Rex Blaster unleashes a powerful blast of energy.
Brachio Morpher
This is the morpher of the Black Ranger. It was created by Hayley for Tommy, when he discovered a new Dino Gem in the area.
Brachio Staff
The Brachio Staff is the weapon of the Black Ranger. It has three modes; including: Wind Strike, Earth Strike, and Fire Strike. All three modes have intense power. It also can release a powerful energy orb.
Z-Rex Blaster
The Brachio Staff can combine with the Z-Rex Blaster to create an even stronger blast of energy.
Drago Morpher
Trent stumbled into Mesogog's lab through an invisiportal, where he found a Dino Gem, which transformed into the Drago Morpher.
Drago Sword
The Drago Sword is the weapon of the White Ranger. It has the ability to fire laser arrows, all of which explode on impact.
Z-Rex Blaster (Super Mode)
All five Ranger weapons; the Tyranno Staff, Tricera Shield, Ptera Grips, Brachio Staff, and Drago Sword can combine to form the Z-Rex Blaster, Super Mode. It fires a super blast of energy at its oponents.
Super Dino Mode
When the Dino Rangers tap into the Dino Energy, they can access Super Dino Mode. Super Dino Mode uses energy drawn from the Dino Gems to give them a closer bond with their Dinosaur and increase their strength.
Shield of Triumph
Hidden in a waterfall, Tommy and Trent unleash the Shield of Triumph from its hiding spot. Conner shows up just in time to claim the Shield of Triumph and use it to become the Triassic Ranger. This is the Triassic Ranger's weapon and gives him the ability to travel into other dimensions and outerspace.

Triassic Morpher
The Triassic Ranger's Morpher transforms into the Triassic Morpher, when it recieves enough Dino Energy. The Triassic Morpher activates the Battlizer armor.

Battlizer Armor
Conner begins to doubt his dedication when a girl he admires - Krista is willing to do whatever it takes to fight for her cause. Conner realizes when Krista's life is in danger from Zeltrax, that he will do anything to save her. The Dino Energy increases and the Battlizer is unlocked. The Battlizer armor gives Conner super stretch arms and legs, a Mezodon faced shield, lightning fast agility, super fire power, a dragon yo-yo attack, and shoulder cannons, which fire massive amounts of energy.