Major Mackerel
When Elsa kidnaps Marty the Mackerel, he is turned into Major Mackerel. Major Mackerel uses his fishing lures to capture citizens and lure in the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers use the Z-Rex Blaster to put a stop to him. Then they access the Thundersaurus Megazord's Ankylo Drill and Parasaur Final Cut, which destroys the Major Mackerel and restores Marty the Mackerel to normal.
"It's a Mad Mad Mackerel"
Copyotter copies the White Ranger's Drago Sword, so Zeltrax can frame him. But after his plan backfires, and the White Ranger defects and joins the Rangers, Copyotter is destroyed by the White Ranger in Super Dino Mode; and then again by the Thundersaurus Megazord. But his weapon is salvaged and used by Zeltrax to make an evil clone of the White Ranger.
"Copy That"
White Terrorsaurus
Zeltrax uses his evil clone of the White Ranger to create the White Terrorsaurus. The White Terrorsaurus is very powerful and is able to kidnap the Dinozords. It requires the Power Rangers to unlock the Shield of Triumph, and the Red Ranger uses it to become the Triassic Ranger and destroys White Terrorsaurus.
"Triassic Triumph"
Terra Assault Craft
Zeltrax launches a scorpion-like vehicle from his aerial assault vehicle to lure out the Rangers' secret weapon. This vehicle is destroyed by the Triassic Ranger's new Mezodon Rover.
"A Star is Torn"
While Cassidy and Devin are trying to get an excusive, Mesogog sends Jupitor into the TV station as a virus in order to hijack their satellite in an attempt to blow up Jupiter, which would bring about changes to the Earth that would make it suitable for a return to the prehistoric age. Jupitor is flushed out by Kira and Ethan, and the Triassic Ranger forms the Mezodon Megazord to destroy Jupitor.
"A Ranger Exclusive"
When the Rangers are on a fieldtrip, Ethan translates some egyptian heiroglypics, which unleashes Tutenhawken's curse on him. Awakened, Tutenhawken plans to take control of the city, and tries to make Cassidy his queen. When Ethan learns that Tutenhawken can only be defeated in the air, he uses his new Hovercraft Cycle to destroy him. The Mezodon Rover finishes the job.
"Tutenhawken's Curse"
When Elsa creates Thornax, he is but a baby plant. When Mesogog demands a finished product, she goes to get some green ooze, which is also used by the Black Ranger to demorph, but he makes a disappearing act and is stuck invisible because of it. Elsa uses the ooze to make Thornox mature into a fullgrown monster. Thornox fights alongside the evil White Ranger, and then after he is defeated by Super Dino Mode, he is then defeated by the Mezodon Megazord.
"Disappearing Act"
White Terrorsaurus II
The evil clone of the White Ranger creates a new and improved version of his White Terrorsaurus. Elsa uses a crystal that has the same energy as the Dino Gems to feed to him, giving him even more power than before. When Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent morph to stop him during an attack on the city, White Terrorsaurus uses his newfound power to absorb the Rangers' powers. Left defenseless, the Rangers continue to challenge the Terrorsaurus, but to no avail. That is until Tommy returns from a coma and morphs into the Black Ranger. The Black Ranger uses Super Dino Mode and his Brachio Staff to destroy the White Terrorsaurus and releases the stolen Ranger powers. The Power Rangers form the Thundersaurus Megazord and with the power of Super Dino Mode are able to find the strength to destroy him for a final time.
"Fighting Spirit"