Rude Elf
Conner is consumed with having to do early Christmas shopping with his mother, when he dreams of Rude Elf. Rude Elf is being chased by the Power Rangers on their Raptor Riders, when he summons the Triptoids as his little helpers. Rude Elf proves to be very powerful with his holiday magic, but when the other Rangers realize that Conner is still under Elsa's dream spell, they use their Dino Gem power to strengthen him. The Red Ranger uses this energy to become the Triassic Ranger and takes Rude Elf into the Christmas Triassic Dimension, where he destroys him. Rude Elf grows and captures the Mezodon Megazord in his bag of toys. Unfortunately for him, the Black Ranger comes riding in on the Brachiozord and uses his Brachio Staff to take him down long enough to free the Megazord. The Triceramax Megazord if formed and destroys Rude Elf once and for all.
"In Your Dreams"

Inside a comicbook world; drawn by Carson Brady, a famous comicbook artist, Fridgia lives in her frozen kingdom. Four of the Power Rangers are drawn into the comicbook by Carson, and are taken down by Fridgia for invading her kingdom. Fridgia is about to punish the Rangers by destroying them, when the White Ranger shows up to even up the score. The Power Rangers are able to take down Fridgia, but when they are released from the comicbook world, so is she. Taken away from her world, Fridgia plans to make this world her kingdom, but not before the Triassic Ranger destroys her with the Battlizer.
"Drawn Into Danger"

Ruby Dragon
The Ruby Dragon card is part of game called Dragon War, and the most powerful card. Unfortunately for Ethan, Principal Randall takes the card from him, when she catches him and Devin playing on school grounds. As Elsa, she uses the Geno Randomizer to bring the Ruby Dragon to life. The Ruby Dragon's first mission is to defeat Trent, then he battles the other Rangers. The White Ranger shows up to take him down, but the Ruby Dragon knows Trent's keeping Mesogog's true identity from the other Rangers. The Ruby Dragon uses this to his advantage, but the Power Rangers are able to come together and defeat him with the Z-Rex Blaster, Super Mode. It takes the Thundersaurus Megazord, the Mezodon Megazord, and the Dino Stegazord's combined efforts to destroy him completely.
"House of Cards"=

Cresent Clunk
With Mesogog's newfound power after being seperated from his alter ego; Anton Mercer, he creates this unnamed monster to take down the Power Rangers. After the Rangers find out, Trent was hiding his father's secret, it takes a test of trust for the Rangers to work togther in order to bring this monster down. This Ugly Monster is able to defeat even the Triassic Ranger in their battle in space above the Earth. He is ready to finish the job, when the White Ranger stands in his way. The Power Rangers combine their efforts and their weapons to form the Z-Rex Blaster, Super Mode to defeat him. He is able to take down the Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords after absorbing their energy, but the Dino Stegazord destroys him.
"A Test of Trust"=

Replicant Zord
Mesogog creates the Replicant Zord, which is an evil version of the Thundersaurus Megazord, which he unleashes. The combined efforts of the Thundersaurus Megazord and Mezodon Megazord destroys the Replicant Zord easily.
"A Test of Trust"

After being destroyed by the Black Ranger, Zeltrax plots his revenge, and creates the Zelzord, which he unleashes. As the Zelzord attacks the city and the Dinozords, the Black Ranger fights against Zeltrax inside; in order to free Elsa, who is now his hostage. It takes all the Dinozords to defeat the Zelzord, but its power begins to suck the Dinozords in. Knowing that it was too late to save the Dinozords, the Black Ranger orders the Rangers to abandon them and set them to self destruct, ensuring the complete destruction of the Zelzord.
"Thunder Struck, Part 2"

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