Brody Romero, Red Ninja Steel Ranger
Full Name: Brody Romero
Ranger Designation: Red Ninja Steel Ranger
Gear: Ninjacom, Ninja Power Stars, Ninja Battle Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Blaster
Zords: Robo Red Zord
Brody is the Red Ninja Steel Ranger. He is the son of Ninja Master Dan Romero. Brody trained as a Ninja as a child along with his brother Aiden Romero. One day Dane found the Ninja Nexus Prism. Which contained a powerful Ninja Nexus Star. Galvanax took Brody hostage to force the Ninja Master into given up the Prism. But an accident caused Dane to merge with the Star and become the Red Ninja Steel Ranger. He lost the battle but was able to strike the Star with his sword before Galvanax could escape with it. This caused Dane to disappear and the Ninja Star to break up into six Power Crystals. The Prism protected them from the Galaxy Worriers. Galvanax took the Prism and Brody to his ship.

Brody spent ten years as a prisoner on Galvanax ship....Wondering what ever happened to his Dad and brother Aiken. He is able to befriend fellow prisoners Redbot and Mick. When Galvanax realizes no one would be able to help him get the Power Stars, he decides to return to Earth to find the Ninja Steel .Brody escapes with his new friends to Earth. But is confronted by one of Galvanax's monsters. Sarah and Preston help to distract the monster.Which gives Brody a chance to retrieve the Red Ninja Steel Crystal. He helps his new friends morph into Power Rangers. Together they are able to defeat the monster. Brody now searches for his brother and must protect the Prism from Galvanax and his Galaxy Worriers.