Calvin Maxwell, Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger
Full Name: Calvin Maxwell
Ranger Designation: Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger
Gear: Ninjacom, Ninja Power Stars, Ninja Battle Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Blaster
Zords: Nitro Zord
Calvin is the Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger. Calvin is the most naïve, easy going and sensitive of the group. He is a student at Summer Cove High and in a relationship with Hayley. Hayley, Calvin and her dog Cody were driving in Calvin’s jeep when Galvanax’s forces attacked. They fought back with junk when Mick appeared before them. They took the last two Power Stars from the Nexus and became Power Ranger. Calvin loves cars and repairing them as well. Calvin surprised everyone when he revealed he could not drive yet and Hayley drives his jeep. When he was little, he rode a go-cart in a track and when he crashed, he is scared of driving. Brody wants Sarah to teach him and Calvin how to drive. He overcomes his fear to save his friends and drive the Ninja Morph Cycle. When it was time to elect a new class president, she and Calvin ran against each other. A monster uses their voices to trick the Rangers into believing rumors and trumps up the rivalry between the two. Calvin sometimes lets his love for cars to overshadow his friendship. For example, he was so impressed with a student Ace’s car that he offered to fix it instead of help his friends in a race. When he found out Ace was a liar who was taking advantage of him, he left and went to help his friends who were under spells of a monster.