Preston Tien, Blue Ninja Steel Ranger
Full Name: Preston Tien, Blue Ninja Steel Ranger
Ranger Designation: Blue Ninja Steel Ranger
Gear: Ninjacom, Ninja Power Stars, Ninja Battle Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Blaster
Zords: Dragon Zord
Preston is the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. A young student working as amateur magician. He likes to perform tricks before classes at Summer Cove High School. He Sarah when Monty ruins his act. The two investigate the Prism crash using Sarah's hoverboard. They’re able to help Brody against a monster. Blue pulls the Blue Power Star and learns to morph into the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. He helps his new friends to destroy the monster. Preston’s magic only starts to really work after he becomes a Ranger. Mick says because he has a great love of magic, the ninja steel can magnify his truest desires. He has to be careful with it. Of course Preston does not heed this advice at first and abuses it. He learns his lesson for then until Princess Vera gives him a magic wand and magic book. Preston is told by Vera to not skip the lessons and go in order. Preston skips through the lessons and ends up making Hayley invisible. He later reads and practice each lesson in order and is able to return Hayley to normal. Preston has a rich dad who wanted to tear down a Ribbon Tree, a landmark that people wrapped ribbons around with their wishes. One belonged to Preston’s deceased mother and this sentiment helped his father keep the tree in tact.