Hayley Foster, White Ninja Steel Ranger
Full Name: Hayley Foster
Ranger Designation: White Ninja Steel Ranger
Gear: Ninjacom, Ninja Power Stars, Ninja Battle Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Blaster
Zords: Kodiak Zord
Hayley is the White Ninja Steel Ranger. She is a student at Summer Cove High and in a relationship with Calvin. Hayley, Calvin and her dog Cody were driving in Calvin’s jeep when Galavanax’s forces attacked. They fought back with junk when Mick appeared before them. The Nexus soon came to them when it had only two Power Stars on it and they became Power Rangers. She loves her dog Cody very much that she named her zord after him---the Kodiac Zord. When the school dance came around, Redbot asked her on a date and she rejected him, thinking robots had no feelings. The hard way she learned that Redbot did have feelings and she hurt them. She apologized by having a small dance party at the secret hideout with him. When it was time to elect a new class president, she and Calvin ran against each other. A monster uses their voices to trick the Rangers into believing rumors and trumps up the rivalry between the two. Hayley used Calvin’s weaknesses against him which she later came to regret.