Sarah Thompson, Pink Ninja Steel Ranger
Full Name: Sarah Thompson
Ranger Designation: Pink Ninja Steel Ranger
Gear: Ninjacom, Ninja Power Stars, Ninja Battle Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Blaster
Zords: Zoom Zord
Sarah is the Pink Ninja Steel Ranger. She is a new student at Summer Cove High. She has already invented a hoverboard that she frequently likes to ride. She meets Preston on the first day of school. After Monty steals her hoverboard and mess up Preston's Magic Show, Sarah offers to help him clean up. She and Preston investigate the Prism Crash. Where she is able to help distract the monster attacking Brody. Sarah retrieves the Pink Power Star and is able to morph into a Power Ranger for the first time. Sarah seems to act before thinking and ignores advice when she is on a roll. Sarah is an inventor and creates a hologram device to clone herself so she can multitask in different activates. She learns not to split herself up and concentrate on one activity. She does use her cloning technology on the Ninja Steel Megazord. Her mother also seems to have a talent to invent as well. Sarah finds her annoying as she helps when not asked to. Sarah apologizes to her mother to not appreciating her help and her mother agrees to not push her help on her. One time, Sarah creates a machine that converts food and offers it to a young man. The young man has no money and with the machine he can earn money to feed his family. On Christmas after losing the Ninja Power Stars, she uses a monster’s time device to travel back in time with Santa to retrieve the Power Stars to defeat said monster.