A drill-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Roxy created from a cordless drill to help her collect data on the Rangers' animal powers and drill into a Morph-X Tower from below while Drilldrone attacked a separate tower to distract the Rangers. Drilltron is armed with a drill-like agitator on his right arm and four smaller drills on his left arm that all allow him to dig underground. Though Ravi destroyed him, the Robotron successfully collected data on the Blue Ranger's animal power.
A wrench-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Roxy created from a wrench to dismantle the Rangers' equipment and collect data on Zoey's animal power. Tooltron wields two wrenches and a wrench-themed blaster that can dismantle anything it hits. He was destroyed by Devon and Ravi.
A projector/camera-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Blaze created from a photocopier to infiltrate Grid Battleforce and sabotage their Zord interface computers. Clonetron can morph and mimic anyone he scans, fire a beam from his scanner, and fire a yellow laser from his eye. Though he temporarily succeeded, Ravi and Zoey destroyed him.
A tuba-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Roxy created from a discarded tuba to obtain data on Devon's animal power. Tubatron can fire concussive sonic blasts and possesses super-strength. When he proved ineffective in battle, Roxy had Scrozzle upgrade his horn so his sonic blasts can knock victims unconscious. Though Tubatron succeeded in his mission, his data disc was destroyed when the Rangers destroyed him.
A fork-themed Robotron who was created off-screen to accompany Scrozzle in robbing a Morph-X truck. Spiketron has super-strength and can use his trident-like right hand in battle. He was destroyed by Nate and Steel.
Tubatron 2.0
An upgraded version of Tubatron that Cybervillain Blaze created to disable the Rangers' equipment. Like the original model, Tubatron 2.0 has super-strength and can fire sonic blasts. After having his power enhanced by one of Scrozzle's Fury Cells, he was able to significantly overpower the Rangers until the Rangers stole some of the cells from Blaze and Devon used one to destroy the Robotron.
A candle-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Roxy created from a candle to help her corrupt Devon by making him overuse his Red Fury Mode and collect data on his animal power. Burnertron is armed with a candle wick-like arm blade and wields a lance in battle. Burnertron failed to corrupt Devon, but succeeded in collecting the Red Ranger's data before Zoey, Nate, and Steel destroyed him.
A fan-themed Robotron who was created off-screen to accompany the Cybervillains into battle. Turbotron can fly, wields arm blades, and use his chest-mounted turbine to perform wind attacks. He tried to take Smash, but Ravi was able to destroy the Robotron.