A cotton candy machine-themed Robotron who was created off-screen to distract the Rangers while Vargoyle placed his Memory Pulsator in position for a future plot. Shockatron wields cotton candy sticks that can redirect energy attacks. After having their blaster attacks directed back at them, the Rangers used their Beast-X Sabers to destroy Shockatron.

A gas cylinder-themed Robotron that Scrozzle created to help him get revenge on the Rangers for defeating Evox in the season one finale. Infernotron is equipped with a flamethrower for a left arm. He was destroyed by Devon.

Drilltron 2.0
A red version of Drilltron who was created off-screen to help Scrozzle steal Morph-X and hide it underground before Zoey and Steel destroyed him.

A cage-themed Robotron that Scrozzle created from a birdcage to trap the human Blaze and Roxy as well as distract the Rangers while Scrozzle obtained Blaze and Roxy's DNA. Trappertron can form cages and shoot lasers from his hands. He was destroyed by Devon.

A movie projector-themed Robotron that Robo-Roxy created from a game controller equipped with hard-light technology to destroy the Rangers. Gamertron has a chest-mounted scanner that enables her to create hard-light digital clones. She was destroyed by Devon, Ravi, and Zoey.

A key-themed Robotron that Robo-Roxy and Robo-Blaze created from a padlock to destroy Grid Battleforce from the inside. Keytron can project a lock beam on any surface to unlock any door and disable technology. After he failed in his initial task, Scrozzle disguised him as a human painter (portrayed by Kelson Henderson) and gave him explosive paint, but the Rangers saw through him and Devon was able to destroy Keytron with Commander Shaw's help.

An hourglass-themed Robotron who was created off-screen to destroy the Rangers. Digitron can absorb technology and store their data in a chest-mounted storage tank to enhance himself, stretch his arms, and fire blue energy balls from his hands. He was destroyed by Devon, Ravi, and Zoey in their Beast-X Modes.

A puppet-themed Robotron that Scrozzle created from a hand puppet to control Nate and make him program malware to control the Beast-X King Zord. Controlatron can create hand puppets to brainwash people through his puppet arm and fire energy slashes from his leg. Devon destroyed him after freeing Nate from the Robotron's control.

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