A dumbbell-themed Robotron created off-screen to destroy the Rangers. Dumbbelltron possesses super strength, explosive dumbbells, and a large weight. He was destroyed by Ravi and Steel.

A giant stadium-themed Robotron with an announcer-esque personality that Robo-Blaze created from a domed building to destroy the Rangers. Boxertron has increased fighting capabilities and the ability to trap people in a boxing ring-like pocket dimension. He was destroyed by the Beast-X King Ultrazord.

A tiara-themed Robotron that Robo-Roxy created from a plastic tiara to prevent the Rangers from discovering Evox had possessed Mayor Daniels. Tiaratron possesses hand-blades, super-strength, and diamond-like invulnerability. She was destroyed by Ravi in his Beast-X Mode.

A bulldozer-themed Robotron who was created off-screen to destroy the Rangers. Bulldozertron has incredible strength and can use his dozer blade-like arms in battle. He was destroyed by Devon and Zoey in their Beast-X Modes.

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