A robot tarantula monster fought the rangers and was defeated by the Zeo Cannon. After growing, he beats the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord, preparing to have them for lunch, and then Pyramidas saves them. They form the Zeo Ultrazord and Tarantabot quivers in fear before being destroyed by Zeo Ultrazord.
"A Small Problem"
A lullaby-singing monster whose sleep-inducing power were to put both human and machine into a deep peaceful sleep with her beautiful voice. She even attempted to hypnotize the Zeo Rangers. She was first defeated in her battle with the Gold Ranger. She then returned with a power amplifier where her face used to be, even the Gold Ranger was no match for it and her attitude was much nastier. Later when she grew huge, she was destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord.
"Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers"
Barox and the Varoxes
Varoxes are bounty hunters who seek the powers of Pyramidas and the Gold Ranger. A Varox named Borax landed on Earth and allied with King Mondo upon learning that he was also out to destroy the Power Rangers. Borax attacked when the Rangers tried to find out the Gold Ranger was. Borax shot and greatly weakened Gold Ranger. The Rangers blasted Borax with the Zeo Cannon, which temporarily defeated him. The Rangers tried to tend to the Gold Ranger, but Orbus made Barox grow. Borax went underground and soon knocked down the Zeo Megazord in a surprise attack. He then leapt out of the underneath the Megazord, but the Rangers retaliated by striking Borax with their saber, leaving him weakened. Then the Zeo Megazord destroyed Borax. Later, the other Varoxes chased after Gold Ranger, who was piloting Pyramidas, in space with their own spaceships. One of them fired a laser that struck Pyramidas and sent it hurtling to Aquitar. The Varox declared their mission accomplished, left the scene and were never to be seen again.
"Do I Know You?" & "Revelations of Gold"
Hose Head
A leviating robot monster with wiry tentacle arms used by the Machine Empire. It was among the monsters that received the Neo-Plutonium Armor. Destroyed by Super Zeo Zord 3. Rocky only called the monster by said name, but whether or not that was the monster's name remains unclear.
"A Golden Homecoming"
Tough Tusks
This monster was created from Emily's elephant-headed necklace by Louie Kaboom and he shot a bluish-white energy beam from his forehead. Tough Tusks was destroyed by Super Zeo Megazord and Jason returned the necklace to Emily.
"Bomber in the Summer"
Midas Monster
This monster first appeared in the form of a small dog statue known as the Midas Hound. It could transform ordinary items into gold, but soon began transforming things at random on its own. Jason's body became a lifeless solid gold statue. The Midas Hound was made giant and turned parts of the Super Zeo Zords to gold. After Jason's body was revived, he shattered the Midas Hound with Pyramidias. The trueMidas Monster revealed himself. Adam was able to use the Red Battlezord to destroy the Midas Monster's Goldarizer, causing everything to turn back to normal. An enraged Midas Monster then locked all the Zords up with chains and zapped them with electricity. The Zeo Megazord then broke the chains off with its saber. The Zeo Ultrazord destroyed him.
"The Ranger Who Came in From the Gold"
Cruel Chrome
He was created by Prince Gasket from Detective Jerome Stone's waverunner. He was able to fire a hazardous water-like substance on the Rangers from a hose-like weapon. The Rangers received an antidote, they delivered a pounding to the monster, whose watery substance this time had no effect on the Rangers. Cruel Chrome then grew into a giant and had spikes from his hands and feet. The Rangers called on their Super Zeo Zords (Red's was piloted via remote control). Cruel Chrome had the upper hand for a bit until Jason arrived in Pyramidas. Super Zeo Ultrazord destroyed him. Prince Gasket was extremely dismayed by this defeat, saying he should've been king by now.
"Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?" & "King for a Day, Part 1"