A robot warrior who Prince Gasket infused with Tommy's skills and power. He was a very tough adversary for Jason to deal with, but Jason was able to get inside his head and see if Tommy's mind was in there. He concluded that Gasket had transferred Tommy's powers and mind into Altor. Altor clutched his head and soon declared that he was Altor, signifying that he had lost Tommy's powers. Jason took this opportunity to destroy Altor using Altor's own staff.
"King for a Day, Part 1"
A robot monster used by Prince Gasket to guard the time-turning item resembling a crystal ball called the Chronosapios. He could blast a laser from his forehead. He was defeated by Tommy's Zeo Laser Pistol and ultimately elimated by Super Zeo Megazord with the Warrior Wheel.
"A Brief Mystery of Time"
Nuklifier was summoned by Prince Gasket to destroy Kat, at Archerina's request. He wielded a spear and shot orange energy from it. he could also shoot this energy stream from a cannon in his forehead. He grew giant and couldn't be defeated by the Super Zeo Megazord and the Warrior Wheel. He was destroyed by Auric the Conqueror.
"A Mystery to Me"
A caterpillar-like robotic monster created by Prince Gasket by using Jerome Stone's Mechaterpillar 3000, a fishing tool. During the giant battle against the Super Zeo Megazord, the monster separated segments of itself and each have their own method of attack on the Rangers, ultimately knocking them out of the Super Zeo Megazord. The Mechaterpillar caused mass havoc, attacking from all sides and devastating the zord. After the monster reassembled itself, Jason comes to the Rangers' aid in the nick of time and destroyed the monster with Pyramidas.
"Another Song and Dance"
Impursonator was an accidental creation of Rita Repulsa while trying to aim her magic at Kat. She ended up blasting Kat's ugly purse, which Kat made in her art class. She survived every attack made by the Zeozords. Her rubbery skin made her nearly impervious to physical harm, as the rapid-fire punches of the Red BattleZord only briefly stunned her. She could fire pink lightning bolts from her hands, and had the ability to absorb the energy from any attack thrown at her. She could then use this energy to fire enhanced lightning blasts. Even the Zeo Ultrazord barely scratched her, and the Rangers were forced to retreat. She later got control of the Super Zeo Megazord, and used it to battle the Zeo Megazord. While Impursonator was eventually tricked out of the Zord by the Rangers, she allied with Cog Changer and was backed up by Cogs. She grown to giant size again, Impursonator was overwhelmed by the Super Zeozords and fused with Cog Changer.
"Rangers of Two Worlds Part 1 & 2"
Cog Changer
He was a robot monster used by the Machine Empire to access Zeo technology. He was capable of replacing the cogs on the Zeo cycles with evil ones that would cause the Rangers to lose control of the cycles. As such, the Zeo Cycles ended up getting destroyed. He also piloted the Zeo Megazord after knocking it out of the Rangers' control. He later fused with Impursonator.
"Rangers of Two Worlds Part 1 & 2""
In a last-ditch effort, Impursonator combined with Cog Changer to form a super monster that was never named on-screen. It still wasn't enough because this combined beast was destroyed by the Warrior Wheel.
"Rangers of Two Worlds, Part 2"