Wicked Wisher
Wicked Wisher acted as Divatox's errand boy. Wicked Wisher is a monster used by Divatox who was sent to create three wishing coins. He was defeated by Rescue Megazord.
""Beware the Third Wish"
Wild Weeder
Wild Weeder is a gardener monster whose seeds of evil were used to turn civilians into slaves that wear bee-colored clothing, called Diva-Drones, for the purpose of seeking out the missing third wishing coin that the Wicked Wisher had originally summoned. Mutant bees are later summoned by Wild Weeder. One of them grows into a giant alongside Wild Weeder. His one remaining bee is destroyed by Robo Racer, and Wild Weeder was destroyed by the Rescue Megazord.
"The Gardener of Evil"
Torch Tiger
Torch Tiger is a flame monster, who volunteered to battle the Rangers while at Divatox's monster camp, but initially couldn't breathe fire. He suffered embarrassment the first time he fought the Rangers. After Divatox's men mistankenly stole the Rangers' Booster Fuel for their vechicles with a magical net, Torch Tiger drunk it, making him breathe fire. He then poured it into his own bike's tank. Torch Tiger knocked the Rangers down a mountain, but then the Rangers raced in with Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser and delivered a beating to the monster. Divatox then reluctantly ordered the torpedo launch, turning the Torch Tiger into a giant. Torch Tiger was destroyed by the Rescue Megazord.
"Fire in Your Tank"
Maniac Mechanic
On Earth, Maniac Mechanic disguised himself as Manny, a classmate in Ashley's shop class, and then stole her new wrench and made into his own weapon, the Wretched Wrench. Riding on the back of the Battle Wagon that he built, he used the wrench to knock out the wheels of Storm Blaster while Justin, Ashley and Carlos were on it. After it was eventually fixed, the Rangers were able to take down Maniac Mechanic by destroying the Battle Wagon, and at that point Ashley's wrench was returned to normal. The torpedoes were then fired to make the Maniac giant. The Rangers destroyed him with the Rescue Megazord.
"The Turn of the Wrenched Wrench" and "Countdown to Destruction"
Lord Litter
Lord Litter ambushed T.J. and Erutan, the boy of nature itself, blowing a fierce wind on him. T.J. fought the monster. Erutan was able to stop the attack, angry at the fact that anyone would try to trash the forest. Later, Lord Litter returned to the woods with Elgar and Pirahnatrons, in an attempt to capture the boy for Divatox's own plans. Erutan was ensnared in a net, and T.J. took on the bad guys. Soon the others joined the battle. The monster trapped them inside big garbage cans, which the Rangers initially couldn't break free of. Then, when it looked like Lord Litter was about to finish off the Rangers, Erutan, brought down lightning from the sky which struck and temporarily paralyzed Lord Litter. Unfortunately, that move greatly weakened Erutan, and his life force began to slip away. The Rangers freed themselves from the trash cans and took Lord Litter down with the Turbine Laser and grew giant. T.J. saw Erutan and realized that he needed to help him. He volunteered to stay behind while asking the others to take the monster on by themselves. The other four Rangers destroyed Lord Litter with the Rescuezords with the Artillery Power.
"Spirit of the Woods"
Crash and the Creeps
Crash and the Creeps are Ranger-like musical monsters who initially took a human form and brainwashed people. But once their instruments were trashed, they revealed their monster forms. The Creeps were Defeated by the Turbo R.A.M., while Crash was Defeated by Turbo Megazord.
"The Song of Confusion"
Mr. Goorific
Mr. Goorific is a monster who could turn people into animals with his tube of goo. Jetson, the dog Cassie was looking after, rushed to maul Goorific, knocking him down a hill. Jetson turned into a human. Goorific assaulted the Rangers and was ready to apply his goo on Cassie when Jetson raced into view and mauled the monster once more. Elgar then returned to Earth with his Evil Zord. The Rangers called on the Rescue Megazord to take him on. Mr. Goorific then became a giant and Robo Racer came in. Mr. Goo tried to use his goo on the Rescue Megazord, but they made him accidentally squirt it on the Evil Zord, making Elgar find himself on the top of a camel. Meanwhile, the Rangers knocked the tube of goo away from Mr. Goorific's hands and Rescue Megazord destroyed him.
"Cassie's Best Friend"
Strikeout's most lethal attack is his curve ball. None of the Rangers were able to hit it, especially T.J. who was dealing with other curve ball issues stemming from a rival pictcher named Heath. When Heath nearly plummets off the edge of a mountain while trying to outrun T.J. on his bike, T.J. saves him, and Heath pays T.J. back by helping him hit his curve ball. Eventually T.J. did hit it, and then he left to take on Strikeout once again. Strikeout, who was attacking the other Rangers while waiting on T.J., launched another lethal curve ball at T.J., but now T.J. was ready. He struck the ball out of the Earth's atmosphere, leaving Strikeout in tears. Strikeout was made giant and he launched his "knockout pitch", sending multiple balls flying at the Megazord at rapid speed. The Rangers destroyed him with their Turbo Megazord.
"The Curve Ball"
Count Nocturne
Count Nocturne is a monster created by Divatox when she wrapped her tongue around a passing lunar space bat. He ambushed Carlos in a park at night and bite him, turning him into a vampire and he slowly began to take on the characteristics of a vampire. While trying to obtain blood at the Blood Drive that was held at the high school, T.J. and Ashley teleported him to the Power Chamber, where he received a temporary antidote. The Rangers then took on Count Nocturne at the park,where he hoped to get Carlos back on his side again. The Rangers blasted the Count with the Turbo R.A.M., but as always, Divatox made him giant, and the Rangers took him on in the Rescue Megazord. The Count locked up the Megazord in chains and get blasted with merciless firepower. Then the Rangers called on the Turbo Megazord, but unfortunately the monster beat him with his weapon, and as Nocturne's power grew stronger, Carlos was more in danger of falling under the Count's spell once again. Carlos came up with the idea of combining the Megazords to defeat the monster. The Rangers were able to knock the monster down, then created the Rescue Turbo Megazord. They slice apart Nocturne's weapon, and on Carlos's command, the Rescue Turbo Megazord destroyed the monster, and in the end, Carlos was completely freed of the evil spell.
"Carlos and the Count"