Saturday 24, Oct 2020
Justin Stewart, Blue Turbo Ranger
Full Name: Justin Stewart
Ranger Designation: Blue Turbo Ranger
Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Hand Blasters
Gear: Turbo Morpher, Blue Turbo Cart
Zords: Mountain Blaster, Siren Blaster
Rocky passed on his role as the Blue Ranger to Justin, the newest member of the Turbo Ranger team. Wide eyed, inquisitive and energetic, this 11 year old's lack of experience sometimes gets him into trouble. Justin enjoys video games and computers, and has become somewhat of an expert at them. He looks to the other Turbo Rangers for guidance, helps Tommy with his race car project, and attended a Summer school where it was discovered that his IQ was exceptionally high, and so he was moved up to High School. As the Blue Turbo Ranger, Justin's Turbo Zord is the Mountain Blaster.

Justin and the other Turbo Rangers lost their powers when Divatox's forces raided and destroyed the Power Chamber. Justin stayed on Earth to be with his father, while his teammates travelled to space to find Zordon. Justin later regained his Turbo powers when Storm Blaster paid him a visit and gave him a recharged Turbo Morpher. Justin and Storm Blaster then rescued their old teammates, now Space Rangers, who were being held captive by Astronema.