This amphibian-like monster was sent by Divatox to activate the wormhole closing device to stop Zordon. Amphibitor seemed to have a large appetite and wanted to eat the Turbo Rangers. In battle, he wielded a giant knife and fork. He was defeated by Turbo Megazord.
"Shift Into Turbo, Part 3"
Shadow Chromite and the Shadow Rangers
A grey Chromite Chromite stole the Rangers' power and use them to create Shadow Rangers. The Shadow Rangers were made of refracted light. Tommy managed to defeated them by knocking them into the shadows. Since he is made of light like his Shadow Rangers, the Turbo Megazord eliminated the Chromite by blocking it's light source. As Chromite disappeared, so did the detonator he had.
"Shadow Rangers"
Dimitria's alley from Inquiris was deformed and brainwashed into Divatox's servant by Porto's transformation spray. Divatox then used him to plant a detonator at the KAGV Radio Studio. He was reverted back to normal when the detonator blew up in his hand during battle. He was revived shortly after that to deliver his message to Dimitria. The brainwashed Visceron could blast a laser from his larger eye.
"Transmission Impossible"
Demon Racer (1)
The first Demon Racer challenged Adam to a race. If Adam won, Demon Racer would reveal where the detonator was. Demon Racer pulled all different types of tricks but to no avail. Adam won the race while Demon Racer crashed his vehicle. Extremely weakened, he got out of his vehicle, declaring that he'd never tell Adam where the detonator was, fell down and exploded.
"Built for Speed"
Demon Racer (2)
The second Demon Racer was cloned by Porto, who seemed to foreshadow the demise of the first. This Demon Racer terrorized the city with his fast driving skills, intending to run over anything and anyone. When the Rangers arrived to confront him, Divatox ordered the torpedo launch to make the monster grow. Adam took him on using his Turbo racer, driving everywhere to confuse Demon Racer, and even knock him down with a missile fired from the vehicle. Then the Rangers called for the power of the Turbo Megazord to make it a fair fight. The Turbo Megazord destroyed him with its Spinout move.
"Built For Speed"
Big Burpa
Big Burpa is a belching, bicycling dame who casted a spell on Justin's bike as a 'birthday present' as he rode it, causing him to be unable to get off it as it speeded through traffic uncontrollably. The odometer which counted backwards signaled that the bike was a detonator. At about one mile left, Tommy and the other Rangers freed Justin from the bike just in time, and Justin joined in on the attack against Big Burpa. She was destroyed by Turbo Megazord's Spinout move.
"Bicycle Built for the Blues"
Mouthpiece was a lie-telling monster, who was to make his victims lie uncontrollably, and for each lie told, a Pirahnatron would appear. His first victim was Justin, resulting in Pirahnatrons raiding the Youth Center's volunteer Car Wash. Later, when the Rangers were to fight Mouthpiece, but unfortunately, he placed them all under the spell. Justin was able to break the spell by admitting that he couldn't stop lying, which was the truth. He then joined the battle and broke their spells and all the Pirahnatrons disappeared. The Rangers then blasted Mouthpiece with the Turbo R.A.M., but he grew huge and was destroyed by the Turbo Megazord.
"The Whole Lie"
Pharaoh is an Egyptian-themed monster who was a former fiance of Divatox, apparently a thousand years ago. He was called by Porto at Divatox's request to destroy the Rangers, she threatened to throw him in a trash heap if he didn't. His staff was capable of turning normal English-language writing into hieroglyphics, he had no power without it. Since it resembled a staff Adam designed for a Egyptian stunt show at his place of work, Adam took it and all the writing around him became heiroglyphics. Once the Piranhatrons had retrived his staff, Pharaoh planned to stop the Rangers personally, but he expected Divatox to send him home. Divatox flattered him and manipulated him to keep fighing. Once he grew huge, he decided not to work for Divatox, but for himself. Unfortunately for him, he was eliminated by Turbo Megazord. Divatox considered this closure.
"Glyph Hanger"