Saturday 24, Oct 2020
Tommy Oliver, Red Turbo Ranger
Full Name: Tommy Oliver
Ranger Designation: Red Turbo Ranger
Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Lightning Sword
Gear: Turbo Morpher, Red Turbo Cart
Zords: Red Lightning
Tommy, the Red Turbo Ranger, continued as the leader of the Rangers after their Turbo transition, and as such possesses the superior attributes one would expect of any commander. He is brave and heroic, with a powerful sense of duty, honour and commitment. Tommy knows how important the Turbo Rangers are in the fight against evil, and never hesitates to accept his role at the forefront of the battle in his Turbo Zord, Red Lightning, with his trusty Lightning Sword. Tommy passed on his Turbo powers to new Red Ranger TJ.

Tommy returned years later as the Red Zeo Ranger to lead 9 other Red Rangers on a mission to prevent the Machine Empire from using Serpentera to destroy Earth.