After Zordon left for his home planet, Dimitria came to Earth to take his place as mentor of the Rangers. Dimitria is from the planet Inquiris, and often speaks in questions. It was suggested that she was sister to Divatox, but never proven. She left for Eltare to help defend it against evil forces.
Alpha 6
With the arrival of Dimitria appeared Alpha 6, the latest in a long line of Alphas -an Alpha with attitude. Alpha 6 left with the powerless Turbo Rangers to assist them in space, where he lost his attitude, and got a new voice similar to Alpha 5.
Blue Senturion
This intergalactic police officer made his way to Earth to deliver a message from the millenium. Unfortunately, Divatox got the message before the Rangers, and it's erased from Blue Senturion's memory before he can tell the Rangers. The message involved the threat of all villains combining forces on an assault on the universe. When this event came true, Blue Senturion left for Eltare, where the first strike against good was taking place.
This furry wizard from Liaria was being chased by Divatox for his magical key which would unleash Maligore. He fled to Earth, where he got help from the Rangers. Lerigot's magic later allowed Zordon to return to his home planet.
Kimberly and Jason
These former Rangers were kidnapped by Divatox as sacrifices for Maligore. They were taken to Muranthias and turned evil by Maligore's flame, and battled the Turbo Rangers. Lerigot's magic turned them good again, and they helped him and his family escape.
Jerome Stone
When Ernie had to leave for South America to help build a bridge, Lieutenant Stone took over management of the Angel Grove Youth Center, trading in his police uniform for Hawaiian shirts.
Bulk and Skull
While patrolling around a power plant, Bulk and Skull encountered Elgar, who zapped them with a ray gun that turned them into chimpanzees. They found their way to the Youth Center, and were taken in by Stone. They were turned back to humans by walking through the mist of one of Divatox's missiles, which made them temporarily invisible. They then took on odd jobs, and split up when Bulk left for space on Terra Venture.