Turbo Blaster, Turbo Morpher
The Turbo Blaster is the common Ranger sidearm. It has a normal, and powered up expanded mode. The Rangers use their Turbo Morphers to transform by inserting a key and turning it.

Turbo Power Weapons
Wind Fire, Thunder Cannon, Star Charges, Hand Blasters, Lightning Sword.

Turbo Navigator
The Turbo Navigator is used to track enemies and power sources, and if necessary, can convert into a blaster for firepower with pinpoint accuracy.

Turbo Sword
Each Ranger carries a Turbo Sword. The handle can be pulled back for extra boost of energy.

Turbo R.A.M. (Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer)

All five Turbo Weapons combine to form a small race car in Turbo Formula mode, which pops up into a power blaster called the R.A.M.

Turbine Laser
The Turbine Laser has arial and ground self-transportation modes, and can be mounted on top of Storm Blaster.