Saturday 24, Oct 2020
Cassie Chan, Pink Turbo Ranger
Full Name: Cassie Chan
Ranger Designation: Pink Turbo Ranger
Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Wind Fire
Gear: Turbo Morpher, Pink Turbo Cart
Zords: Wind Chaser, Wind Rescue
With dance school approaching for Kat, it was time for her to leave her position as a Ranger and pass her powers along to another. She chose Cassie, a gutsy and rebellious girl who came to Angel Grove to pursue a musical career. Cassie proved herself to be worthy of Ranger powers after helping Kat when she was under attack by Piranhatrons, and then helping TJ save Tommy's life. Cassie's Turbo powers were lost when Divatox's forces destroyed the Power Chamber. The team travelled into space, where she became the Pink Space Ranger.