Saturday 24, Oct 2020
Adam Park, Green Turbo Ranger
Full Name: Adam Park
Ranger Designation: Green Turbo Ranger
Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Thunder Cannon
Gear: Turbo Morpher, Green Turbo Cart
Zords: Desert Thunder
Adam, the Green Turbo Ranger, continues to be the shy one who is very much into Martial Arts. He is the most spiritual of the team, and gets into some serious training for major competitions. Adam's heritage is Korean, and he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in the Martial Arts arena. As the Green Turbo Ranger, Adam pilots the Desert Thunder Turbo Zord, and his weapon is the Turbo Thunder Cannon. Adam passed on his Turbo powers to new Green Ranger Carlos.

When Carlos began doubting himself as a Ranger, Adam gave him some additional training to boost his confidence. When a monster attacked the two, Adam risked his life by using a damaged Power Coin to morph into the Black Ranger to help his friend out.