Colonel Mason Truman
A military colonel, he is of the highest authority in the city of Cornith. He is also Scott's father, he is very stern and strict with his son and believes he is not ready for some things, but in reality he loves him. He mourns the loss of his beloved son Marcus. When the hybrids were activated in Corinth, Mason was in the middle of arguing with his son when he realized to trust his son. He was kicked out of his tower and sent a military code to Scott's morpher to meet him at a factory. The Rangers saved prisoners from the factory along with Mason. After Venjix was defeated, Mason promoted Scott to leader of the Eagle squad as the Rangers were no longer needed.
Dr. K
When the Power Rangers program started, she only spoke to the Rangers and Colonel Truman through modified voice. When Dillon questions her and her allegiance, she reveals her true identity, a teenage genius. She doesn't like going outside because ever since she was raised in Alphabet Soup, a government facility and was told she was allergic to the sun. She has gone out of her lab twice but since it is within the dome city, she doesn't considered it 'going out.' She kept the secret from the Rangers that she is the one who created and released the Venjix virus. When they found out, they forgave her but Mason Truman took it more seriously. She proved to him that she was trying to rectify her mistakes. Even though denying feelings for Ranger Series Green, how she referred to him until he was no longer a Ranger after the defeat of Venjix, she does care for him having his real name as her computer password. She is now forming a school with Ziggy where she will teach physics.
Corporal Hicks
He is Colonel Truman's right hand man. Although he can be a bit absent-minded and not sure of himself at times, he is Truman's most trusted soldier as he seen always by his side. He revealed to be a hybrid when Kilobyte activated him and sent him to attack Mason. Hicks was later taken out of the control when Venjix was defeated and continued in the army.
Marcus Truman
Scott's deceased brother, he was his father's golden boy as an ace pilot and more experienced than Scott. He chose Scott to be his number two but his father and brother did not know this until a year after his passing when Scott found his recommendation letter.
Clare and Martin Landsdown
Summer's formerly wealthy, shallow and vapid parents were not present with Summer when the Venjix virus hit. They reunited with her in Corinth and they made a promise to leave her alone for a year and let her be a Power Ranger, as long as she married into a rich family. They had bestowed her with the Black Diamond necklace, she gave it back to them and when Venjix went after it, they used it is blackmail against Summer so she would married. Summer didn't marry and the Landsdowns learned there were things more than money and Clare said she was going to get her very first job.
Gem and Gemma
Gem and Gemma are twin captive phenoms of 'Alphabet Soup.' They were the initial test pilots of the Ranger bio-suits. They befriend Dr. K even though she did not initially like them. When Venjix gets past Alphabet Soup and seeps into the world, the twins help get Dr. K out of the facility. They were last seen running off to retrieve the classified Gold and Silver series bio-suits during a collapse.
She doesn't know her real name but she started out as a blind girl with a caring brother. She was upgraded into a hybrid by Venjix and her top general. After much convincing, she finally believed she was Dillon's sister but yet again was brainwashed. Dillon used the antidote from dr. K and she infiltrated Venjix's main computer with a new virus and defeated Venjix. Dillon rescued her from Crunch and in the end, she left with Dillon and Summer to travel the world even though her blindness might return. She says she wants to be as far from computers as possible.
Flynn's father
Flynn McAllistar's father is a mechanic from Scotland and continued to do so in Corinth. He once didn't believe in heroes and always discouraged his son, telling him to keep both feet on the ground. Fortunately after Flynn saved some people and took them to Corinth, his dad turned around in judgment. After the war, he and his son are in charge of bringing back the new computer systems to the dome city.
A female officer working with Colonel Truman. When all the men of Corinth fell asleep thanks to an Attackbot, Vasquez began to worry and Summer calmed her down and had her use the weather-control device to give the two female Rangers an edge against the enemy. When Venjix activated the hybrids in Corinth, it was revealed that she was a hybrid infected with Venjix technology.
Fresno Bob and the Scorpion Cartel
Fresno Bob is the kingpin of the Scorpion Cartel, one of five cartels in Corinth. He is known as a criminal to both the Rangers and Colonel Truman, but manages to remain free. Ziggy once was Bob's pupil but after Ziggy took stolen medicine to an orphanage, Ziggy was in debt to the cartel. Bob is not above cooperating with Venjix, even though not entirely related to. After being saved by Ziggy, Fresno Bob decides to let Ziggy off the hook and call them even.