Flynn McAllistar, Ranger Blue
Full Name: Flynn McAllistar
Ranger Designation: Ranger Blue
Weapons: Nitro Blaster, Turbo Cannon
Gear: Cell Shift Morpher
Zords: Lion Hauler, Road Attack Zord

Flynn is a cocky and fun loving Scottish mechanic who always admired comic book superheroes and dreamed of being a hero himself. He tried being a police officer, fire fighter, and humanitarian but did not follow the organization's rules in order to protect the little guy and as a result, was dismissed. Being a true hero, he drove a military-owned bus to rescue a little girl and others in the meantime and transport them to Corinth. A year later, he was made the Blue Power Ranger by Dr. K. He is untrusting of anything containing Venjix hardware, even Dillon. He eventually warms up to Dillon and accepts him as part of the team. As Ranger Blue, he can bend time and space, he can manipulate time and suspend it for 10 seconds. This once came to be a quandary when there was an energy build up and the suit malfunctioned, causing him to be frozen in place. He was able to fix the problem as a true mechanic taught by his father, a mechanic as well, could. One time Flynn wanted to use his own inventions but it failed miserably. Dr. K scolded him mercilessly, he was discouraged and trashed his latest invention. Gema saw this and decided to tweak it. Flynn read Gema's diary and saw that he considered him 'only a mechanic.' After a bumpy start, they managed to create the successful Wheel Attack Zord. Gema then considered that Flynn was more than just a mechanic. Later Flynn tried to ask her out on a date but Gem stood in the way. Flynn was essential in getting Tenaya to help them defeat Venjix, by telling her that helping them is helping her brother. After Venjix was defeated, he was to be in charge of the new computer systems for Corinth with his father.