The Zord Attack Vehicles are summoned by the Rangers and appear out of their chest symbols. Then the Ranger plug in the Engine Cells to enlarge them in order to pilot them.
Eagle Racer
The Red Ranger's zord is a hybrid of a sportscar and a eagle. It can't beaten when it comes to his starting speed.
Lion Hauler
The Blue Ranger's zord is a hybrid of a bus and a lion. It can scroll various words such as "Stop" and is equipped with missiles.
Bear Crawler
The Yellow Ranger's zord is a hybrid of a bear and a monster truck.
Tail Spinner
The Green Ranger's zord is a hybrid of a shark and motorcycle. It can strike his enemies with his tail.
Wolf Cruiser
The Black Ranger's zord is a hybrid of a wolf and a police patrol car. It can shoot out lasers from its nose.
Croc Carrier
This crocodile/eighteen wheeler zord is special in it that it does not have an operator. It needed the Remote Flux Overthruster Reactor to be fully be functional, so Scott went to retrieve one as he knew the location of one. Rangers Green and Black each have an Engine Cell Key to this zord and they enlarge it. It can carry up to three zords, but mostly carries Green and Black's.
Falcon Coptor
It was a hybrid of a helicopter and a falcon, piloted by Gem and it can rapidly fire energy pulses.
Tiger Jet
It was a hybrid of a fighter jet and a tiger, piloted by Gemma and it can fire destructive energy blasts from its front.
Whale Zord
Venjix had his troops and prisoners manufacture a Doom Bot jumbo jet in a factory. Dr. K and the twins reprogramed it to become a vital component, with Whale imprint.
A three part locomotive-like zord using bio DNA of dinosaurs (T-Rex and Triceratops) and a mammoth. They were way too strong and uncontrollable, Dr. K buried them within Alphabet Soup's mountains. When Tenaya and the Generals went into the ruins of the Soup, they found the location and went after it, prompting the government of Corinth to go after it as well. The Paleozord escaped and attacked both Venjix's Attackbot and the Rangers. Dr. K was able to override it and get the three zords on their side. The three can form the PaleoMax Megazord. Ranger Red pilots the Mammoth in order to wield the three.