Cell Shift Morpher
A handheld cell-phone morpher the Rangers use to morph and install into their steering wheels on their zords.
Rev Morpher
A wrist-worn morpher the Black and Green Rangers use to morph, the morpher appears on their wrists when transformed.
Sky Shift Morpher
Rangers Gold and Silver's morphers that are hand-held devices that resemble triggers and can be used to pilot their zords.
Engine Cells
Power chips that plug into the Rangers' weapons.
Nitro Blasters
The Ranger's sidearms that are powered by Engine Cells and their second mode is the Nitro Sword mode.
Street Saber
Red Ranger's personal saber-like weapon resembles a street.
Turbo Cannon
Blue Ranger's personal cannon-like weapon resembles a car garage.
Zip Charger
Yellow Ranger's small racing weapon that zips around the enemy and binds them.
Road Blaster
The combination of the Street Saber, Turbo Cannon, and Zip Charger.
Rocket Blaster
Black Ranger's large blaster weapon speeder-themed laser gun.
Turbo Axe
Green Ranger's personal axe-like weapon that resembles a bridge.
Turbo Plasma Launcher
The combination of the Turbo Axe and Rocket Blaster.
RPM Enforcer
When the main three's Road Blaster is combined with the other two Rangers' Turbo Plasma Launcher, it creates the powerful RPM Enforcer, which is powered by Engine Cells.
Wheel Blasters
The Rangers take the wheels they steer their zords and insert their respective Morpher in the middle. In the cockpit of the Zenith Megazord, they shifted into a blaster. By inserting a checkered Engine Cell, they can use the Zenith Megazord's Final Attack. It can also be used as a weapon in field combat.
Cloud Hatchets
Rangers Gold and Silver's personal weapons that are space shuttle-resembling daggers, and each have multiple attack modes, such as Light, Ice, Energy, and Jet.
Sky Shift Blazers
Rangers Gold and Silver can each combine their Cloud Hatchets with their own Morphers to form this weapon, which resembles a futuristic handgun. They are powered by Engine Cells.
Rail Saber
Rail Saber One weapon developed during the time the Rangers fought against Kilobyte and Tenaya 15, it can primarily take the two Engine Cells (#11 and #12) of the Paleozord. Combined with any of the Rangers' Nitro Blasters, it makes the Rail Blaster. The Mammoth Cell Chip is mostly used in the Nitro Blaster when making the Rail Blaster. When the finisher is shot out of the Rail Blaster, the complete Paleozord releases to defeat evil. Other Engine Cells can also be used.