Venjix started out as a computer virus created by Dr. K that infiltrated all the world's power and took over. Venjix can create endless armies of robotic soldiers and he appears to his generals in the form of a red light bulb. He later downloads himself into a generation 14 attackbot that Shifter designed. He pilots a special green drone and can make new robots of the same model to download himself into. Venjix made a newer and more powerful model, but he wasn't fully downloaded into it because he was in a rush and was defeated. He decided not to use the model again. He used a new model later on, using old parts of Shifter. He activated many Hybrids within Corinth and took over the control tower. He then destroyed the lab and took the biofield information, being able to delete Gem and Gemma. Dr. K and a newly restored Tenaya were able to tap a virus into Venjix's main computer and override his ability to delete Rangers. Venjix was physically destroyed with the control tower falling on him. In the finale, it was alluded to that a part of the Venjix virus was still inside the RPM Morphers, that were locked away in a case by Dr. K.
General Shifter
A golden robot that speaks with a British accent, he follows Venjix faithfully and is gruff. When tattling on Tenaya, she swears vengeance. He creates the Hyperbot in order for Venjix to download into it. But Tenaya fiddled with it and the Hyperbot attacked Venjix. For this reason, Venjix banished Shifter. Shifter sent Hyperbot to attack the Rangers and turn the PaleoMax Megazord against them. He fought Scott and put a key inside him in order to control him. When the Hyperbot was defeated, Shifter used the key that was left to power himself up. After being thwarted in his plot to control Scott, Shifter makes himself giant but is defeated by the Ultrazord and finally destroyed by Scott. His spare parts were used to make a new powerful body for Venjix.
General Crunch
A goofy and dense robot general that hangs out in headquarters with General Shifter. When Venjix took over Corinth with the Hybrids activated, Tenaya was cured and went to put a virus into Venjix's main computer in the tower. Crunch called Tenaya a traitor and fought her. Gem and Gemma shot the tower so it was falling down. Dillon came in time to fight Crunch and rescue Tenaya, using the escape parachute. Crunch remained in the tower as it fell on Venjix, completely destroying the two.

Tenaya 7 is a fierce general initiated by Venjix to resemble the most horrifying thing imaginable for him, a human. She first infiltrates the team as a potential candidate for the Green Ranger, but is eventually discovered. She has a habit of whistling "The Farmer in the Dell," which just so happens to be the hidden tune in Dillon's locket, when two keys are placed inside. When this is discovered, Dillon informed Tenaya that she was not a robot but a hybrid and his once blind sister. Once she bled and saw footage in databanks confirming this, Tenaya helped the Rangers defeat General Shifter's Hyperbot and in a way, helped initiate the formation of the Ultrazord. In addition to having robotic eyes letting her to see, she has a detachable robotic hand that can be replaced by a weapon. Tenaya was kidnapped by Kilobyte and reprogrammed into Tenaya 15, who has no independent thought. She cured by Dr. K's antidote that was injected into her by her brother. She infiltrated Venjix's main computer with a new virus and defeated Venjix. Dillon rescued her from Crunch and in the end, she left with Dillon and Summer to travel the world even though her blindness might return.
Kilobyte is Venjix's most fearsome creation, he had been walking through the wasteland to get to Venjix's base. He knew the secret about Tenaya and constantly was a torn in her side. He is much more intelligent and cunning than even General Shifter. When Shifter was vanished and Tenaya deflected, he was assigned leading general. He kidnapped Tenaya personally and reprogrammed her into the obeying Tenaya 15. Kilobyte fought the Rangers personally and grew to enormous height, but was defeated by the RPM Ultrazord. Venjix was disappointed at Kilobyte by that point, Kilobyte fought his attention by activating Hicks as a hybrid, but it just angered Venjix more. Kilobyte tried deleting Tenaya but he was destroyed by the Road Blaster, not before knocking Dillon into a coma.
Advanced and robotic soldiers that Venjix had manufactured in order to lay waste to the entire planet of Earth in a mere three years. The Grinders are endless and they carry a variety of weapons and pilot the drones.
Cicada-like planes that the Grinders pilot.