Alpha 6
After his adventures in space, Alpha remained on the Megaship, as a tour guide. The Megaship ended its run as a museum when Kai needed it to save his friends, and Alpha went along, to assist a new generation of Rangers. He currently resides on Mirinoi with the team.
DECA continues as the Astro Megaship's computer. She can speak over 3,000 languages, and has security cameras all over the ship. She went offline when the Megaship was destroyed in battle against the Scorpion Stinger.
Commander Stanton
Commander Stanton oversees all operations on Terra Venture, and leads Terra Venture's special forces, trained for the inevitable clash with the unknown. He successfully evacuated the station when it was attacked, and now lives on Mirinoi with the rest of the inhabitants.
High Commander Renier
The kind and wise High Commander Renier presides over the high council in charge of making the big decisions on Terra Venture's journey. She is very supportive, and is like a mother figure to the crew. Cmdr. Renier currently resides on Mirinoi.
Bulk and Prof. Phenomenus
Somehow, these two managed to be accepted as citizens on Terra Venture, although they accidentally left their friend and co-worker Skull behind. They took up a job at the Comet Cafe, but evacuated to Mirinoi when Terra Venture was attacked.
Magna Defender
The mysterious Magna Defender appeared out of nowhere and saved Leo's life. He was on a mission to find the Lights of Orion, which he had released 3,000 years ago before falling into a chasm. To escape, he absorbed Mike, but released him after sacrificing his own life to save Terra Venture.
Space Rangers
When the Psycho Rangers were unleashed by Deviot, Alpha sent a distress call to his old friends, the Power Rangers in Space. They rushed to Terra Venture, and helped the Galaxy Rangers destroy the Psychos.