Quasar Saber
The Quasar Sabers were 5 swords stuck in a stone on Mirinoi for 3,000 years. Warriors from all over the galaxy have tried pulling them out to claim the transmutant powers, but failed. The Sabers now lie in the hands of the chosen ones - the Power Rangers. The Sabers were returned to the stone when the Rangers returned to Mirinoi.
The Transmorphers are wrist mounted devices that allow the heroes to transmutate into the Galaxy Rangers, granting them extraordinary powers. These powers are over 3,000 years old, and awaited the chosen ones to claim them.
Magna Defender Morpher
When Magna Defender died, he left Mike his powers, which he could call on with the Magna Defender Morpher. Two wrist mounted devices connect to unleash the power. The Magna powers were lost when Mike sacrificed them to hold a rift in space open for Terra Venture to escape the Lost Galaxy.
Red Armored Ranger
When Leo lost his powers, Karone took him on a quest to retrieve a pair of magical keys, which restored Leo's Ranger powers, as well as adding the ability to summon high tech battle armor. The armor has built in targeting systems, laser blasters, and retracting claws.
Quasar Launchers
The Quasar Launchers have two modes - a staff for hand to hand combat, and a bazooka for a blast of explosive energy. Each Ranger is capable of summoning a Quasar Launcher, and when things heat up, they can be powered up by the Lights of Orion.

When an intergalactic arms dealer tried to steal the Rangers' Quasar Sabers, the Rangers foiled his plans, and in the process, stole from him the Transdaggers. Each Ranger has a Transdagger capable of transforming into one of 5 modes. All five held together can emit a powerful blast. The preferred mode of each Ranger is:

Red, Magna Talon
Green, Trans Blaster
Blue, Cosma Claw
Yellow, Delta Daggers
Pink, Beta Bow

Magna Blaster
Magna Defender's weapon has two modes- a sword mode, and a shotgun mode. In shotgun mode, he can rapidly fire small blasts of energy. For the sword mode, the gun handle is bent back, and pulled out to reveal a blade, while the body of the gun becomes the sheath. The Magna Blaster was lost along with the Magna powers.