Maya, Yellow Galaxy Ranger
Full Name: Unrevealed
Ranger Designation: Yellow Galaxy Ranger
Weapons: Quasar Saber, Transdagger, Quasar Launcher
Gear: Transmorpher, Yellow Jet Jammer, Lights of Orion Armor
Zords: Wolf Galactazord

Maya is a native of the planet Mirinoi. She found the other Rangers from Terra Venture on the moon when she passed a rift in space. They earned her trust when they defended her from the Sting Wingers that had followed her, and returned with her to Mirinoi to help her people. As a Ranger, Maya is living out her dream. Since she was a child, she has known of the legendary Quasar Sabers and the prophecy of the chosen ones harnessing their powers. Maya is a very peaceful and cheerful person, with a great respect for nature and other people. As the Yellow Ranger, she wields the power of lightning, and commands the Wolf Galactazord. She returned to her home planet Mirinoi, where she lives along with the rest of the team and Terra Venture's inhabitants. She gave up her powers by placing her Quasar Saber back into the stone to restore her tribe, which had been turned into stone. When Trakeena appeared on Earth, Maya returned to action with the rest of the team, and helped the Lightspeed Rangers destroy her.