Scorpius' base of operations was the organic vessel known as the Scorpion Stinger. It was capable of firing blasts from its tail. The Scorpion Stinger was destroyed when it crashed onto a moon during battle with the Rangers.

Scorpius came from a rift in space to follow the Power Rangers and steal their Quasar Sabers, and later to obtain the Lights of Orion. He was destroyed in a battle with the Rangers, when he believed they were holding his daughter captive.

Princess Trakeena is Scorpius' malicious and scheming daughter. She loyally serves her father, but would step on any ally to make herself look better. She fled her father's side when he tried to force her into a cocoon. She instead opted for training, and commanded the Scorpion Stinger in the pursuit of vengeance against the Red Ranger. She ended up using the coccoon to merge with Deviot, and later to turn into a monster, and was seemingly destroyed in battle against Red Ranger.

Trakeena resurfaced much later, her face scarred by the battle, and sought to take out her vengeance by destroying Earth. She captured humans and drained their life force, but her plan was ultimately sabotaged by Olympius, turning her into an enormous, gruesome monster, which was destroyed by the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers.

Furio could not pull the Quasar Sabers out of the stone for his master, and would stop at nothing to get back at those who snatched them out from right under him. While searching for the Lights of Orion in a cave, he was confronted by Leo, and self-destructed to try and take out the Red Ranger once and for all.

Sting Wingers
These insect-like warriors have sickles for hands, and can fly with wings on their backs. Trakeena's entire supply of Sting Wingers was exhausted when she sent them with bombs strapped on to destroy Terra Venture and the Rangers.

Treacheron is Magna Defender's arch rival, and one of Scorpius' generals. He defeated him and threw him into a chasm 3,000 years ago. Treacheron fights with the sword, and honor, of a samurai. He was destroyed in battle to the death against Leo, in an attempt to regain his honor after being framed as a traitor.

Deviot is a power hungry traitor, who serves only his own needs. He offered his services as Scorpius' general, but used the position to set up Scorpius' death and try to take the power of his cocoon. When Trakeena returned, he served under her, and unsuccessfully tried to get her killed. Deviot gained a new form when he harnessed the power of the Galaxy book, but was defeated by the Rangers. He was later absorbed by Trakeena when the two entered the coccoon, but his evil influence was apparent in this new entity.

Trakeena met Villamax at the Onyx Tavern, when he saved her from being attacked by a few patrons. He then trained her to become a powerful and skilled warrior, worthy of being her father's successor. Villamax is an honorable warrior who keeps his word, and loyally serves and protects his princess. When Trakeena absorbed Deviot, she was changed, and Villamax was destroyed when he defied her.

Kegler is Villamax's old, waddling sidekick. His scatterbrained nature makes him seem unsuspecting, but he gains useful information for Villamax. He was last know to be on the Scorpion Stinger when it crashed on one of Mirinoi's moons. It is unknown if he survived.

Psycho Rangers
Deviot got his hands on the keycards in which the Space Rangers trapped the digitized Psycho Rangers. He materialized the data, and sent the Psycho Rangers down to Terra Venture to capture the Galaxy Rangers. With the help of the Space Rangers, the Galaxy Rangers were able to defeat and destroy the Psycho Rangers.