From the depths of space, Torozord landed on Terra Venture, summoned by Magna Defender to assist him in his battle against Scorpius. Noble by nature, Torozord loyally serves Magna Defender, although he doesn't always agree with his methods, and has been known to disobey him. In bull mode, Magna Defender can ride on top of Torozord. In robot mode, Magna Defender enters Torozord like a battlesuit and controls him from within. Torozord wields a double edged lance, which energizes for monster destroying slashes. Torozord was destroyed when he and Mike held a rift in space open long enough for Terra Venture to pass through and escape the lost galaxy.

Magna Defender Grow
Torozord can infuse Magna Defender with energy that allows him to grow into a giant.

Riding Torozord
Magna Defender can ride Torozord into battle, charging at monsters with tremendous power.

Magna Defender Lances
In giant mode, Magna Defender uses two lances for hand to hand combat. The two lances join into one for use with Defender Torozord.

Defender Torozord slash
Defender Torozord charges up his double edged lance and spins at a high velocity towards an opponent, destroying them with a slash.

Defender Torozord axe
Defender Torozord can also summon an axe, which can charge up in a circular pattern for a destructive energized blow.