Captain Mutiny and his crew gathered in a floating castle which could fly through space, and was able to be attached to Titanisaur. The castle was destroyed by Trakeena upon emerging from the lost galaxy.
Captain Mutiny
Captain Mutiny leads a band of pirates in the lost galaxy. They capture any ships that happen to wander in, and enslave all on board. He tricked Commander Stanton into allowing a Grunchor monster into the station. Mutiny was destroyed by Trakeena when he escaped the lost galaxy to conquer normal space.

This barbaric, axe weilding menace is Captain Mutiny's right hand man. He spotted the Rangers as they spied on Mutiny's operations, and sent a monster and a team of Swabbies after them. Barbarax was killed when Mutiny's castle was destroyed by Trakeena.

The Swabbies are Mutiny's soldiers. They resemble Earthen pirates, complete with bandanas and goatees, and carry curved swords. The destruction of Mutiny's castle wiped out his army of Swabbies.

When Deviot recited a chant from the Galaxy Book, he was transported along with Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy, where he hooked up with Captain Mutiny and his crew. The power of the Galaxy Book deformed Deviot, but he regained his looks by draining a monster's power. Upon returning to the Scorpion Stinger, he merged with Trakeena by forcing her with him into the coccoon. His consciousness was lost, but his power and evil influence lived on in the new Trakeena.

Captain Mutiny brought sorceress Hexuba into his crew, so she could use her magic to destroy the Rangers. Her first spell, a dream spell, didn't work, and her second, which brought back past monsters, also failed. As a last resort, she went down herself, but was destroyed by the Rangers.

The fearsome Titanisaur belonged to Captain Mutiny. He used it as transportation by attaching his castle to its back. Titanisaur could swim underwater and fly through space. He was destroyed by the Power Rangers.