The Lights of Orion are a mysterious energy source which many seek to possess. Magna Defender released the Lights 3,000 years ago, and upon his return, he seeked them out to gain the power to destroy Scorpius. When the Lights were found, they were drawn to the Rangers, and the Lights infused them with new armor and weapons. Only when all five Rangers are together can the Lights be activated. Once activated, the Quasar Sabers are enhanced, and the Rangers gain golden arm bands, leg bands and a buckle, as well as a wrist mounted claw. All five powered up Rangers together can transform into a destructive ball of energy. The Lights lay dormant within the Quasar Sabers when they were placed into the stone on Mirinoi, and were called into action briefly when the Galaxy Rangers visited Earth to help the Lightspeed Rangers fight Trakeena. The Lights powered up the Omega Megazord with the same armor as it did the Galaxy Megazord.