Galaxy Megazord
Activate the Lights of Orion

Point to a Zord for a better view

Scorpius had found and captured five gigantic and powerful beasts, which were being held captive on some far off planet. Maya sensed that these Galactabeasts needed help, and along with the rest of the team, travelled to the planet and set them free. To return the favor, the Beasts help the Rangers destroy a monster, which began a partnership between man and beast in the struggle against evil. Using their Transdaggers, the Rangers were able infuse the Beasts with power, transforming them into Galactazords, which could combine and form the Galaxy Megazord. The Galaxy Megazord finishes off monsters with the Condor crossbow. It also gained golden armor with the Lights of Orion power up, with which it is able to destroy monsters with a super charged sword stroke. The Galactabeasts currently reside peacefully on Mirinoi, along with the Rangers. They were pulled away briefly for one battle, which took place on Earth against Trakeena.

Galaxy Megazord Saber
The Saber is Galaxy Megazord's primary weapon. It can become energized to deliver a multi-hit combo slash.

Condor Missile Mode
The Condor can be detached from the back and used as a hand held weapon, which can fire a destructive missile able to destroy lesser monsters.

Galaxy Megazord Saber - powered up mode
When the Galaxy Megazord is powered up by the Lights of Orion, so is the Saber. In this mode, it gains longer spikes at the hilt, and is capable of delivering a super charged finishing slash.