Astro Megaship
Formerly the ship of the Space Rangers, the Megaship became a museum. Kai needed the Megaship to travel to Mirinoi and save his friends, and convinced Megaship mechanic Damon to fly it there. The Astro Megaship was destroyed in battle against the Scorpion Stinger.
Jet Jammers
Alpha developed the Jet Jammers for the Rangers, small one man aircraft which are useful for short trips on planet surfaces or around Terra Venture.
Astro Cycles
The Red, Blue, and Green Rangers each have an Astro Cycle, which have blasters mounted on the front, and are covered in armor designed after the Rangers' repective Galactazord.
Capsular Cycle
The Red Ranger rides into battle in his Capsular Cycle. Patterned after his Lion Galactazord, the Cycle can completely enclose Red Ranger while he rides, forming a protective armor.