Wesley Collins, Red Time Force Ranger
Full Name: Wesley Collins
Ranger Designation: Red Time Force Ranger
Weapons: Chrono Saber, Chrono Blaster, V1, Electro Booster
Gear: Chrono Morpher, Time Force Badge, Battle Warrior Armor, Strata Cycle, Red Vector Cycle
Zords: Time Flier 1

Wes was a spoiled rich kid from Silver Hills. He had it all - his father owns the corporate conglomerate known as BioLab, he lived in a posh mansion with a chauffer who drove him anywhere, and servants who would attend to his every need. A chance encounter with Time Force changed his life. Soon after arriving in 2001, the Time Force team got into a fight, and Jen was in trouble. Only with the aid of Wes, who came to her rescue on his motorcycle, was Jen able to make it out alive. It just so happen that to unlock their Chrono Morphers, Time Force needed the Red Morpher activated, but this could only be done by someone with a genetic resemblance to Alex, its original owner. Luckily, Wes fit the bill, but he declined to help when Jen first asked him, not believing any of it. Time Force went after Ransik without any powers, and was losing. Wes appeared just in time, and decided to help them out after all. He morphed into the Red Ranger, and the others soon followed, and Power Rangers Time Force was born.

After unlocking the morphers, Jen took back Wes'. She didn't want him to join the team at first, but later gave it back to him after he proved himself. Wes moved the team into an old clock tower owned by his father. He then moved out himself, splitting with his father on bad terms. Wes is very different from his father - he cares about people and about the city first and foremost, whereas Mr. Collins cares about the almighty dollar.

Wes is a clown at heart, adding spirit and a joy of life to the team. He surprised Jen, and possibly himself, by showing that he can be a courageous fighter and champion of good, with great leadership potential. His strained relationship with his father changed soon after he discovered that his son was the Red Ranger. Mr. Collins developed a new respect for Wes, which nearly cost him his life. The two eventually made amends, and continue a close relationship. Over the course of their adventures as Rangers together, Wes and Jen fell in love with each other, but neither would admit it. It was at their final goodbye that they finally revealed their feelings for each other. Wes continued to fight crime in Silver Hills as the Red Ranger, and co-leader of the Silver Guardians, alongside his friend Eric.

When the Mutorgs appeared in 2002, Wes and Eric tracked them down to Turtle Cove, where they teamed up with the Wild Force Rangers to defeat them. Wes was briefly reunited with Jen, who also came from the future to help.

When the Machine Empire dug out Serpentera and made plans to destroy Earth with it, Wes, Eric, and 8 other Red Rangers joined forces to travel to the moon and put a stop to it.