Vector Cycles Vector Cycles
The Rangers brought the Vector Cycles from the future. Trip carried them in a case, where they were stored miniaturized. The Vector Cycles have blasters mounted on each side.

Vector Cycles Vector Cycles Vector Cycles

Strata Cycle Strata Cycle Strata Cycle

Strata Cycle
The Strata Cycle was sent to Wes from the future by Alex. It has a flight mode and a ground mode, and is equipped with awesome firepower.

TF Eagle TF Eagle
The Quantum Powers come equipped with the TF Eagle, a small, futuristic fighter jet which carries one man, and can withstand the rigors of a time tunnnel.

Time Ship Time Ship
Since humans are unable to withstand the rigors of time travel, Time Force created time ships, one of the few types of vessels capable of safely transporting humans through time. A time ship was used by the Time Force Rangers to travel to 2001. Time ships are launched through the time gate by the Transwarp Megazord.

Time Jet Time Jet
Time Jet
The Time Jet carries all five Rangers to the Time Fliers. It fires blasts from front mounted cannons.

Time Jet Weapon Mode The Time jet can also transform into a handgun for the Time Force Megazord mode blue to use.