Lucas Kendall, Blue Time Force Ranger
Full Name: Lucas Kendall
Ranger Designation: Blue Time Force Ranger
Weapons: Chrono Saber, Chrono Blaster, V2
Gear: Chrono Morpher, Visual Scanner, Time Force Badge, Blue Vector Cycle
Zords: Time Flier 2

If Lucas were to be described in only one word, it would be "player". He makes sure he always looks his best, and is always on the lookout for another beautiful woman to win over. In the future, Lucas was one of the top race car drivers. He loves fast cars, and loves driving them fast, which has gotten him in trouble with the law.

Lucas is quiet and reserved for the most part, and takes a laid back approach. He is a big brother figure to Trip, and at times is a bit harsh with him. Beneath his "cool" exterior, Lucas actually cares a great deal for his friends and for the people of Silver Hills.

Lucas returned to 2002 for a short time to help the Wild Force Rangers defeat the Mutorgs. He was last seen walking off holding arms with Nadira.