Fishface was the one holding Magna Defender's son Zika hostage for Scorpius around three thousand years prior. Fish Face let Zika go on Scorpius' command but Zika went after Scorpus and was killed in the process. Fishface was later sent to Terra Venture and believed the Lights of Orion where in a sunflower statue. He was strong enough to deflect the Quasar Launcher's energy blasts. Fishfae took a little girl hostage to haunt Magna Defender's memories. Fishface blew up the statue and was upset to find out it was empty. He was destroyed by the Defender Torozord. He was later revived by Hexuba and fought Mike.
"The Sunflower Search" & "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Chillyfish caused the entire colony to fall asleep except for animals. Terra Venture's engines shut down and also caused Alpha Six to freeze. Leo and Chillyfish fought on horses. Chillyfish was fooled by fake Lights. Magna Defender gave Chillyfish a choice to tell him what he knew about the Lights and spare him but the monster refused and was destroyed by the Defender Torozord.
"Silent Sleep"
Destruxo had the Stingwingers set up a forcefield over Terraventure to look for the Lights. Maya distracted the monster and Kendrix then struck him, giving Maya time to destroy his forcefield generator. Destruxo chased after the Lights, but the Lights then flew into space. He later managed to catched the lights and was tricked by Impostra disguised as Treacheron and was given a bracelet. Destruxo gained the powers of the Lights of Orion and used the power against the Rangers. Impostra demanded the Lights. Magna Defender blasted the powers out of Destruxo and the Rangers destroyed him with them. He was later revived by Hexuba.
"Orion Rising," "Orion Returns," & "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Impostra was one of those among Scorpius' corp that looted Magna Defender's planet and witnessed his son's demise. She disguised herself as Treacheron to trick Destruxo and frame Treacheron. Impostra wanted to take the Lights in her urn but Magna Defender destroyed her urn. Magna Defender blasted Impostra, she claimed she would be back but she was never seen again.
"The Sunflower Search" and "Orion Returns"
Shark Brothers
These twin shark monsters served Treacheron and informed him that Trakeena set him up and gave him a sword. The brothers swore revenge when Leo destroyed Treacheron bu they were destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord with the Lights of Orion.
"Shark Attack"
Freaky Tiki
Freaky Tiki was sent by Trakeena and backstabbed Magna Defender. The Rangers came in and defeated him with the Lights of Orion and then destroyed him with the Galaxy Megazord. He was revived by Hexuba and was defeated again by Leo and absorbed by Hexuba.
"Redemption Day" & "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Skelekron had anceint warriors go after the Rangers and they could take the Ranger's energy and use it against them. He trapped the Rangers in his mirror shield except for Leo and Mike. When a Ranger was taken, a warrior would appear. Leo shattered Skelekron's sheild and the Rangers were released. Skelekron was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"Destined for Greatness"
Crumummy wrapped his bandages around women and took away their beauty. Crumimmy was going to take Trakeena's beauty away without knowing it was her in disguise. He kept the beauty ina jar and Mike destroyed it and threw poison on Crumummy. He was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"Stolen Beauty"
Hardtochoke was sent by Devior with his captive Zords' remote to Terra Venture to test their power. He shot energy bolts from his hands. He attacked the Rangers with the evil zords before they turned on him. He was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2" & "Hexuba's Graveyard"