Izout breaks into Bio-Lab to steal the Zirium Powder. He lures the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue to damage it badly but is taken down.
"The Time Shadow"
Frax uses the stolen Zirium Powder to make the Trizirium Crystal to power up this large golden robot. He is taken down by the new Time Shadow Megazord.
"The Time Shadow"
Vexicon was released out of the X-Vault by Frax and extremely hard to take down. Katie takes him down with a sneak attack and ultimately by the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue.
"Future Unknown"
Taking this mutant down by the other Time Force Rangers causes the green ranger to feel inadequate. A mirror version of Redeye appears in a mirror world that Miracon creates and forces the Rangers to fight mutants once again.
"Uniquely Trip" & "Reflections of Evil"
Electropede drains energy and electricty and it is very hungry for it. It takes the energy from the V-Weapons and then from the Rangers themselves. Trip uses the Electro Booster, his newest invention to take it down. It is recaptured by the ShadowForce Megazord Mode Blue.
"Uniquely Trip"
Another mutant taken out of the X-Vault by Frax to terrorize the city. It is simply taken down by the Vortex Blaster.
"Worlds Apart"
Brickneck is sent by Ransik to raid a dig site to steal the Quantum Controller but is stopped by the Silver Guardians and the Time Force Rangers. Brickneck follows Eric who gets the controller and devastates the rangers. Brickneck is captured by the Quantum Ranger with his Freeze Strike.
"The Quantum Quest"
Commandocon was selected by Ransik because he has the ability to open time portals, which he does to go after the lost Q-Rex. The Red and Quantum Rangers follow him but are unable to stop Commandcon from controlling Q-Rex. He opens another timehole and takes Q-Rex to present time 2001. Commandocon is recaptured by the Q-Rex Megazord, newly under Eric's control.
"Clash For Control, Part 1 and 2"