Monsters Page 3

Klawlox badly beats up the Blue Ranger and a little girl Holly comes to his defense and Klawlox burns her personal teddy bear. The mutant is taken down by the Q-Rex Megazord and Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red.
"Bodyguard in Blue"
Ransik releases this mutant has the power to send people into pocket dimensions, he sent Nadira on a Hawaiian vacation, and traps the rangers in a dimension where there are evil clone Rangers. He also creates a duplicate of the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. Turtlecon was taken down by the Shadow Force Megazord.
"Trust and Triumph"
Ransik releases a peaceful mutant who was only in jail for petty theft. Notacon refuses to fight the Rangers for him. Frax attaches a controller to Notacon, who manages to bust loose and escape before it can be activated. Trip befriends him and discovers that removing the controller could be fatal to Notacon. The controller on Notacon's head is finally activated, and he begins attacking the Rangers. Frax make shim bigger and Trip plans to use the Electro Booster to blast the controller off of Notacon's head but Frax prevents him. Eric blasts Frax off Trip and Trip gets the shot and Notacon is voluntarily frozen.
"Trip Takes a Stand"
A mysterious man abducts Eric to steal the Quantum Morpher and forces Eric to summon the Q-Rex. He is really Conwing, who uses a device to simulate Eri'c voice to command Q-Rex. Eric ultimately gets the morpher back and freezes Conwing with his new Mega Battle Armor. Jen locks up Conwing.
"Quantum Secrets"
Contemptra has the ability to put men under her control, she was sent by Frax to seduce the male rangers. As Angelique, she appeals to each of the boy's interests. She is unsuccessful in seding Wes so she takes him in by force. After blasting Contamptra's bracelet, the guys are freed from the spell and she is ultimately defeated by the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red.
"Lovestruck Rangers"
Dash and Lucas were friendly rival race car drivers. Dash was imprisoned after his reckless driving hurt people. Nadira goes on another robbing spree with Dash, who is an excellent driver as her getaway guy. Dash has the ability to look like a human. Dash and Lucas challange each other to a race, Dash thinks twice about his behavior, but Nadira won't accept her driver's change of heart, so she zaps him, and gives him armor that also controls his actions. The Rangers use the Time Force Megazord to blast off Dash's armor. Dash comes to his senses, and lets the Rangers take him in.
"The Last Race"
Ironspike is taken in by the Red and Blue Rangers and then the rangers face a mirror version of himself in a dimension created by Miracon.
"Full Exposure" & "Reflections of Evil"
Artillicon has the ability to transform into a small jet. When he attacks the rangers, a young photographer takes pictures of the rangers unmorphed which causes Katie to convince him not to reveal the pictures. The mutant is taken in by the Time Force Megazord.
"Full Exposure"