The Rangers encounter this mutant in the mirorworld that Miracon creates. It is not known if he really existed or if he was ever captured.
"Reflections of Evil"
Ransik sends Nadira with this long tongued lizard to have some fun. He can create a tongue-like energy whip. He was taken down by the Megazords and the Blue Ranger.
"Nadira's Dream Date"
One of two last mutants left, Serpicon is sent by Ransik to take over the Space Center. He ties up the staff and sets the center to self destruct. He duels with the Quantum Ranger and is taken down by the Q-Rex Megazord.
"Circuit Unsure"
Max Axe
Max Axe is Frax's creation before Doomtron and is grown to a giant only be destroyed by the Q-Rex.
"A Calm Before the Storm"