Monsters Page 4

Cinecon is a mutant who can transport anyone in other dimensions, he does so to the Rangers into 'movies' and he acts as their director. Transwarp Megazord makes a rare appearance to fight him. Cinecon is taken down the ranger's Megazords.
"Movie Madness, Part 1 and 2"
Steelix was Jen's original partner who betrayed Time Force by selling secret informaiton to Ransik. When Jen found out, she brought him in. Steelix was sentenced to cryo-freeze, and swore vengeance on Jen. When the Rangers try to set up Steelix, Jen is greeted by a jack in the box of Steelix, telling her to meet him that night at a warehouse. Jen sneaks off to the warehouse without telling the Rangers, and is changed into evil by Steelix's gas. Steelix is ultimately taken down by the Shadow Force Megazord.
"Time Force Traitor"
the Venomark is the third mutant to be released from the X-Vault by Frax. Venomark bcan infect people when he bites them. Venomark happens to be the one who infected Ransik with the awful disease that he needs the serum from Dr. Fericks to survive. As he prepares to kill Venomark, Ransik is interrupted by his illness, and stops to take his serum. Venomark becomes nervous. All the Rangers except for Wes and Eric are infected. A reproduced cure is dispatched throughout the city and this angers Venomark. He is taken in by Shadow Force Megazord and Q-Rex.
"Frax's Fury"
Ransik and this mutant invade the Bio-Lab to get their supply of the serum Ransik needs. Severax and the Cyclobots cause destruction to the Bio-Lab. Severax is recaptured by the ShadowForce Megazord Mode Red.
"Dawn of Destiny"
Mister Mechanau
This mutant disguises as a salesman to get costumers to drink a protein drink to become robots like the Cyclobots. He was taken in by the Megazords.
"Undercover Rangers"
Black Knight
A black knight steals a box with the power for the Red Ranger's Battle Warrior from a white knight but he can't open it. He rides a horse. Wes destroys the knight with the armor and seals the cave by sticking the knight's sword into the ground.
"Beware the Knight"
A revived Vypra steals an amulet to call forth this dangerous monster and ultimately destroyed by the combine dforces of the Red Time Force Ranger with his Battle Warrior Armor, Red Lightspeed Ranger with his Trans Armor Cycle, and the Blue, Green, and Quantum Ranger's Mega Battle Armors.
"Time For Lightspeed"
Miracon transports the Rangers into a mirror world where several mutants new and old combat them inside a building. Miracon turns the Time Shadow against the rangers and Eric reverses it with his Q-Rex. The zords recapture Miracon.
"Reflections of Evil"