Princess Shayla
3000 years ago, Princess Shayla entered a deep sleep on the Animarium when it came under attack by the Org. She awoke when the Org began resurfacing, and now guides the Wild Force Rangers in their battle against evil. Shayla is very upbeat and perky, and cares for the Rangers as if they were her own children. Princess Shayla shares a special bond with her protector, Merrick. The two are torn between their duties and their feelings for each other. After the final defeat of Master Org, Shayla returned to her slumber on the Animarium, waiting for the day when she would be needed again.
Kendall works at the flower shop Danny used to work at before becoming a Ranger. He's always been in love with her, but could never gather the courage to tell her. When an Org attacked one of Kendall's jobs, she discovered Danny's dual identity as a Ranger when he came to her rescue. Kendall and Danny agreed that their relationship could never be, due to his life as a Ranger.
After ejecting some unruly customers, Merrick found a home and a job at Willy's Road House. When things are slow, Willy plays the occasional game of pool with Merrick, even teaching him a move he was able to use in combat.
This mysterious boy with no recollection his own identity formed a friendship with the Rangers. He eventually realized who he was - the reborn spirit of Animus - and tested the Rangers by taking away their Wild Zords. Kite was destroyed when he returned as Animus to fight a super powered Master Org.
Time Force Rangers
To defeat Mutorgs from the future, the Time Force Rangers teamed up with the Wild Force Rangers.
Ransik and Nadira
The two former villains joined the Time Force Rangers in battling the menacing Mutorgs. Ransik was able to destroy the mutant halves of the Mutorgs, but in the process, destroyed his own mutant half.
Red Rangers
When Machine Empire generals plotted to destroy Earth, Cole joined nine other Red Rangers in travellinmg to the moon and preventing them from rising Serpentera. Among the Rangers were Jason, Tommy, Aurico, TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, and Eric.
Bulk and Skull
Bulk somehow made it back to Earth, and was reunited with his best friend Skull. They run an establishment named Bulkmeyer's, the clientele of which includes the legendary Power Ranger, Tommy.