Max Cooper, Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger
Full Name: Max Cooper
Ranger Designation: Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Blue Shark Fighting Fins, Sword of Pardolis
Gear: Growl Phone, Blue Savage Cycle
Zords: Blue Shark, Giraffe
Before becoming a Ranger, Max was on his way to becoming a professional bowler. He trained with a retired pro bowler named Gus. When Max was called on to become the Blue Ranger, he left behind his dreams of bowling, and left Gus feeling betrayed and abandoned. To defeat Bowling Ball Org, Max needed to learn the tornado spin. He returned to Gus for training, but it took some real convincing to get the disgruntled fromer pro to teach Max the move.

If it's one thing Max hates, it's being the kid of the group. As the youngest Ranger, he feels the need to constantly prove himself to the others, making him very cocky and aggressive. He is always quick with a comeback, bringing a sense of humor to the team. He is also quick thinking, always improvising an attack strategy on the battlefield. Max's impulsive nature often gets him into trouble, but he's always got his best friend Danny by his side.

After the final battle against Master Org, Max and Danny gave up their Ranger powers and took a long vacation around the world.

As the Blue Ranger, Max is in tune with the Surging Shark, constantly taking his battles underwater.