Animus Megazord
Animus Megazord
Wild Zords: Black Lion, Blue Condor, Yellow Leopard, Saw Shark, Brown Bison

Animus was an ancient Megazord, the Wild Zord components of which were predecessors of the current Wild Zords. Animus was destroyed by a giant sized Master Org 3000 years ago in the final battle. The spirit of Animus lives on, however, appearing every now and then to help the Rangers and to give Shayla advice.

Animus was eventually reborn into a child named Kite, who possesed great powers, and assisted the Rangers on several occasions. Kite would transform into Animus, at first unknowingly, and later on, intentionally, after realizing his true identity. Animus became upset at the Rangers for allowing the Earth to become polluted, and took away their Wild Zords. The Rangers continued to protect the Earth even without their Zords, proving to Animus that they were worthy of the Zords. After passing his test, Animus returned the Zords, and left the Rangers.

When Master Og used the Org heart to increase his power, Animus returned to fight him. He was no match for the seemingly invincible Org, and was destroyed.