Isis Megazord
Wild Zords: Falcon, Rhino, Armadillo, Deer, Giraffe

Nayzor was resurrected, and the only Rangers around to fight him were Cole and Merrick. The other Rangers had been injured, and travelled the spirirt world, sent on a quest by Kite which would lead to Cole receiving the Falcon Animal Crystal and the Falcon Summoner. Using the two, he summoned the Falcon Zord, which combined with other Zords into the Isis Megazord. The Isis Megazord is capable of flight, and can perform the Deer Clutcher, Spear of Pardolis, Final Strike, and Isis Stare attacks.

Isis Megazord Predator mode
Wild Zords: Falcon, Black Bison, Wolf, Hammerhead Shark

When the immensely powerful Locomotive Org crippled several Wild Zords in battle, the Rangers combined what Zords they had left and formed the Isis Megazord Predator mode. It can perform the Wings of Animaria and Bison kick attack.