Wild Force Power Weapons
Wild Force Power Weapons
White Tiger Baton, Golden Eagle Sword, Black Bison Axe, Blue Shark Fighting Fins, Red Lion Fang

Jungle Sword
Jungle Sword
The five Power Weapons can combine into the Jungle Sword. All of the Rangers' combined power goes into an enormous slash.

Lunar Cue
Lunar Cue
The weapon of the Lunar Wolf Ranger. The Lunar Cue can transform into a sword mode, blaster mode, and cue mode. Merrick uses it for the Laser Pool attack, in which his animal crystals are launched at an opponent like pool balls.

Crystal Sabers Crystal Sabers
Each Ranger carries his or her own Crystal Saber. Power Animal orbs can be placed into the hilts of the sabers to summon their respective Wild Zords with a tune.

Lion Blaster Lion Blaster
When the Rangers were ensnared by an Org, they needed something to blast themselves free. The Red Lion Wild Zord gave the Red Lion Fang the ability to transform into the Lion Blaster, which has a gattling mode and a cannon mode.

Falcon Summoner
Nayzor was resurrected, and wounded four of the Rangers. Only Cole and Merrick were left to battle the super powered General Org. The four injured Rangers went on a spiritual quest on the astral plane, where they successfully solved a puzzle which unlocked the secret of the Falcon Zord and the Falcon Summoner. The Falcon Summoner appeared in Cole's hands during battle, and he used it to take down Nayzor. It normally works as a blaster, and fires more powerful blasts in archer mode, which can also summon the Falcon Zord.

Claws Claws
Each Ranger has claws on their gloves, for quick short range attacks in close combat.

Growl Phone
Each Ranger has his/her own Growl Phone. It can be used to communicate with the other Rangers, and to morph into Rangers. Each Growl Phone can transform into a miniature robot or Power Animal shape.

Lunar Caller
Morpher of the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Animarium Armor Animarium Armor Animarium Armor
Animarium Armor Animarium Armor Animarium Armor
Animarium Armor
After defeating Super Nayzor with the Falcon Summoner, Cole faced Toxica and Jindrax. With his belt buckle, he called upon the Falcon's power to endow himself with the Animarium Armor, which transformed him into the Red Savage Warrior. As the Red Savage Warrior, Cole can fly, fold his wings over to form a the Falcon Shield, and shoot energy blasts.

Falconator Deer Clutcher Rhino Shooter
Sword of Pardolis Armadillo Puck Jungle Blaster
Jungle Blaster
To defeat Team Carnival, the Rangers received new weapons - the Falconator, Deer Clutcher, Rhino Shooter, Sword of Pardolis, and Armadillo Puck - which could combine into the Jungle Blaster.