The commanding forces of the Org gather deep underground in a maze called the Nexus, which only Orgs can navigate. Statues in the Nexus held imprisoned Orgs. The Nexus was destroyed by Master Org's ritual to create an Org heart.
Master Org
20 years ago, three good friends and scientists, Richard, Elizabeth, and Viktor, worked together to prove the existance of Animaria. Viktor fell in love with Elizabeth, but was shattered when he discovered that she became engaged to Richard. The three continued working together, with Viktor's hatred for Richard growing as he took the spotlight on the Animaria project, and had a baby with Elizabeth. The team journeyed to the Amazon in search of evidence that Animaria once existed. They did find some suspicious looking seeds which were the remnants of Master Org. Viktor grabbed the seeds and told the others he would destroy them. Instead, he ate them later that night and was infused with the power of Master Org. He chased Richard and Elizabeth and killed them. He never did find their baby, Cole. Elizabeth had hidden him in the jungle, where he was found by a tribe. Viktor Adler eventually assumed the identity of Master Org, and continued his mission of wiping out humanity and taking over Earth by recruiting newly arisen Org spirits to battle the Rangers. Master Org carries a staff with which he can fire energy blasts and perform magic spells. He can also project vines to entrap victims with. He runs his operation from the Nexus, assisted by Duke and General Orgs. He wore a helmet which had a fake horn attached to it, and housed a mechanical third eye.

In an effort to lure Cole and the others to him, Master Org revealed himself as Viktor Adler. He was taken to a hospital, and sure enough, Cole and the Rangers paid a visit. He ambushed the team, trapping them in vines and taking them to an abandoned lab. Viktor told Cole all about the history between him and his parents, just before the two battled it out. Cole emerged victorious, leaving Viktor defeated and powerless. As Viktor dragged himself through the desert, he came across Jindrax, Toxica, and their new leader Mandilok. Mandilok threw Viktor off a cliff, and left him for dead. However, Viktor survived, and awoke with a real Org horn on his head.

Master Org sent the Duke Org Onikage to set the stage for his return. When all was in place, he reappeared stronger than ever, and destroyed Mandilok. He then had Princess Shayla kidnapped, and began a ritual which would create an Org heart. Master Org consumed the heart, giving him a powerful new form. He destroyed all the Wild Zords, caused the Animarium to fall, and ravaged the city of Turtle Cove. He was destroyed when the Wild Zords came back to life, and brought with them several other Wild Zords who all combined their power to blast him with an Ultra Roar.

The mistress of magic and Dutchess of Orgs is a valuable asset to her team. Her sorcery can resurrect recently fallen Orgs, and make them grow into giants. Toxica was tricked by Onikage into cutting off her horn to kidnap Shayla, and then disposed of by Mandilok. Jindrax brought her back to life using her horn. Betrayed by her own kind, Toxica rebelled against Orgs and helped the Rangers. She now roams the world with Jindrax.

Jindrax faithfully serves his master as the Duke of Orgs. He can usually be found at the forefront of battle, and his mastery of blades makes him a match for any Ranger. After his best friend Toxica was killed by Mandilok, Jindrax abandoned the Orgs and left to fend for himself. He was able to resurrect Toxica, and the two defied their old boss by rescuing Princess Shayla. Jindrax and Toxica left on good terms with the Rangers, and currently travel the world in search of their place.

Super Jindrax and Toxica
After discovering Master Org's secret, Toxica and Jindrax were transformed, given new, more powerful forms, as well as no recollection of the Master's secret. A blast from Cole as the Red Savage Warrior restored their forms, and memories.

This endless Org army arises from slime to battle the Rangers. The Putrids can usually be found fighting with clubs.

This Duke Org was once Master Org's bodyguard. After Master Org was defeated, he roamed the Earth in shame. Upon hearing of the Master's return, he set out to destroy the Rangers to prove himself, but he was defeated. Master Org later destroyed Retinaxe to prevent him from revealing his true identity.

Nayzor was released by Master Org to find and free Zen-Aku. Nayzor succeeded, but failed to gain any control over the vengeance driven warrior. Nayzor serves as Master Org's general.

3000 years ago, Merrick donned a wolf mask, transforming him into the evil Zen-Aku. Zen-Aku battled the original Wild Force, and was defeated and imprisoned. He awakened in present day, and sought revenge on the successors of the Wild Force powers. Zen-Aku's memory was cloudy - he did not remember his true identity, and did not clearly recall the events which led up to his imprisonment, thus making his motives unclear at times. He was eventually broken free of the spell, and was reverted to Merrick, who then became the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

The mask of Zen-Aku eventualy reformed, and Zen-Aku was brought back to life, no longer needing a host to live in this world. He went after Merrick to try and merge with him and regain the power they had as one. Merrick was victorious, and destroyed Zen-Aku again. After the final battle against Master Org was over, Merrick left to travel the world. Surprisingly, he was approached by Zen-Aku, who had once again come back to life. This time however, he was not out to do evil. He sought redemption for his evil deeds, just like Merrick, and joined him on his journeys across the globe.

To help them take down Viktor Adler, Toxica and Jindrax travelled into the desert to an old Org tomb and revived the General Org Mandilok. Mandilok took over for a short while, but was destroyed by Master Org when he returned.

This devious ninja Duke Org was sent by Master Org to prepare for his arrival, setting up Mandilok and killing Toxica. Onikage was destroyed by the newly formed Pegasus Megazord.

In the distant future, three Org spirits are released by Ransik. They copy his DNA, becoming Mutorgs. They travel to the past to team up with Master Org, but are destroyed by the combined forces of the Time Force Rangers and the Wild Force Rangers.

Lord Zedd's legendary Zord was dug up from the moon's surface by remnants of the Machine Empire. Fueled by a meo-plutonium reactor, Serpentera arose, but was destroyed by Cole and the Wild Force Rider before it could destroy Earth.

Machine Empire
Although the leaders of the Machine Empire were destroyed, five generals remained, who travelled through space, hiding from the forces of good. The eventually made it to Earth's moon, where they unearthed Serpentera and plotted to destroy Earth, led by General Venjix. They were defeated by a team of 10 Red Rangers.