Taylor Earheart, Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger
Full Name: Taylor Earheart
Ranger Designation: Yellow Eagle Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Golden Eagle Sword, Soaring Darts, Armadillo Puck
Gear: Growl Phone, Yellow Savage Cycle
Zords: Yellow Eagle, Polar Bear, Black Bear
As a small child, Taylor looked out of airplane window and saw the Animarium. Little did she know that one day she would be one of it's champions. Taylor always had a fascination with planes, and flying in general. This interest led her to become a skilled fighter pilot for the Air Force, earning the rank of Lieutenant. While flying around with her squad one day, Taylor witnessed a magnificent sight - the Yellow Eagle Wild Zord, soaring in the sky beside her. She followed the Eagle to the Animarium, where she crash landed. She eventually found Princess Shayla and the temple, and was asked to become the Yellow Ranger.

Her military training has made Taylor a rigid leader, a bit cold and unfeeling at times. She takes command of situations and focuses on the task at hand. As the leader of Wild Force before Cole, she wrote a Ranger rule book, which Cole quickly dismissed when he joined the team. At first, she resented Cole for taking her spot, but eventually accepted him as a good leade r.

After the final battle with Master Org, Taylor gave up her Ranger powers and returned to the air force, where she was looked up to as a legend by the younger members. She frequently meets her friend the Yellow Eagle in they sky.

Wings attached to her arms allow Taylor to fly like the Soaring Eagle when morphed into the Yellow Ranger.